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Yes, if the vehicle is registered, in most states, you must have it insured. If the officer asks for proof of insurance, you are required to show it to him. If you do not have it, he may issue you a ticket. It does not matter if the car was in motion or parked.

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Q: Do I have to show proof of insurance if my car was parked when it was hit by another person?
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Can you put another person on your health insurance if you are not married to them?

No, you have to have proof of marriage or adoption.

Is there a website to print proof of insurance from Tennessee farmers mutual insurance co?

No there is not a website to print proof of insurance from this company. ?æWhen a person obtains it they can get the proof of insurance at the company or through the mail.?æ

Can you drive another person car if you are not insured?

yep u can hope this helped.In most states if you are over the age of 18, it is the car that is insured, not the driver. When pulled over, the police ask to see proof of car insurance, not person insurance.

Can you still get a no proof of insurance ticket with an auto insurance binder?

No....a binder is a form of proof of insurance

Proof of granger insurance id cards?

You will have to scan or make copies of your Granger insurance ID cards for proof. Another option is to take photos using your digital camera or wireless device.

How much will a no proof of insurance ticket cost in Chicago?

There is not going to be a ticket that is issued for just a no proof of insurance. You will have to show your proof of insurance but the ticket cost will be for something else. If you cannot show your proof of insurance, you will have to go to court.

What do you need to transfer license from one vehicle to another vehicle?

Titles, registraions, and proof of insurance.

How can you find out if a person in accident has insurance if the police says there was no proof?

No proof just means that they didn't have a proof of insurance card. That's the cut out card your insurance sends you and says "keep in your car." The requirements for each state varies, Oregon doesn't require drivers to show proof of insurance, they just have to show registration and license. If you have the ID of the driver, contact your insurance and give them all the details you can. If the driver told you an insurance they have, your insurance can contact that company and find out. Personally if someone in an accident doesn't have proof of insurance, and that also means no expired cards, I'd be towing that car and sticking them with a hefty citation.

Can you get sued from the other party for hitting their parked car even after you got in contact with your insurance and made a police report?

VERY unlikely, especially if you have proof that you contacted your insuror. THAT is what insurance is for. Contact your insurance agent, it sounds like the other party is simply trying to 'scare' more money out of you.

How can you get proof of insurance withdrawal from Pioneer life insurance of Illinois?

Contact the company and ask for such proof

To take a child off your medical insurance do you have to have proof that they have new insurance?

He shouldn't have to show proof

Certificate of liability insurance?

It's proof of insurance.

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