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A swimming pool contractor would not be necessary. An electrician or a small engine repairperson would be a better, and cheaper, choice.

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What kind of contractor would do bedroom furniture repair?

My bedroom furniture is in a terrible state and I need to find someone to repair it. What kind of contractor would do this?

Plumbing Contractor?

form_title=Hire a Plumbing Contractor form_header=Whether you want to upgrade your house or need to repair an existing system, consider hiring a contractor. What kind of project is this for?= () Remodel () Repair Have you ever had the plumbing replaced before?= () Yes () No What do you need done?=_

How do you repair your network?

It depends on what is wrong with your network. There's no need to repair what isn't broken.

Do I need to hire a swimming pool contractor to install pool?

It is recommended to hire a swimming pool contractor however if you're motivated and capable you can definitely do it yourself. Just make sure your town approves your installation of the new pool.

Do most home repair contractors need a special license to repair sprinklers?

I am looking for a home repair contractor to fix my sprinklers. Do they generally have a special license to do repairs?

How do you fix the chain pull on vertical blinds?

The repair will depend on what has broken. If the chain has broken it will need to be replaced. If an internal part is broken the manufacturer may be able to supply you with repair parts.

Drywall Contractor?

form_title=Hire a Drywall Contractor form_header=A skilled drywall contractor is a valuable asset in any home building project. Is this new construction or for a remodel?= () Yes () No Please describe the nature of the work:=_ Do you have supplies on site or will the contractor need to provide?= () Supplies on site () Contractor Needs to Provide

HVAC Contractor?

form_title=Hire an HVAC Contractor form_header=Upgrade your current heating and cooling system or find someone to perform necessary repairs. What HVAC services do you need?=_ Will this be a repair or install?= () Repair () Install What is your time frame for this project?=_

How does one do tennis court repair?

To do a tennis court repair you can hire a contractor. You need certain equipment to pave the courts and an average individual can't do this on their own.

How do you repair a set of stairs after the ground has subsided beneath them?

You will need a professional concrete contractor to set a foundation for the stairs,

What are the necessary training requirements and credentials for a career in AC repair?

You will need certification. You will also need to decide whether to be a contractor, or work for a business.

How do you repair a broken front tooth?

You will need to see a dentist to fix a broken front tooth. It is not advisable to try to do this yourself.

Why you need to repair your home furnitures?

sometimes we need to repair broken pieces of furniture,change a busted bulb,or unclog a clogged drain on our own to save money...

What education do you need to become a building contractor?

The qualifications you need to be a building contractor are

Ceiling Repair?

form_title= Ceiling Repair form_header= Repair a broken ceiling with help from a professional! Why does the ceiling need to be repaired? *= _ How old is the building?* = _ Does your ceiling contain Asbestos?* () Yes () No () Not Sure

How do you take out a broken bolt out of a 1993 dodge caravan water pump?

You will need to drill the broken bolt out and install a heli-coil thread repair.

Why does your parking gear not work on your 96 Ford Taurus?

It means that the parking pawl gear is broken. This is not a do-it-yourself repair - need to find a reputable repair shop.

Do you need a contractor license in California to convert a garrage?

You do not need a contractor license but you may need a permit depending on what your converting it into.

Auto Repair Shop?

form_title=Find An Auto Repair Shop form_header=If your car is broken or in need of repair, find the closest auto repair shop near you. What is wrong with the vehicle?=_ How long has your vehicle been this way?=_ Do you need any regular maintenence work done?= () Yes () No

How much does it usually cost to have a swimming pool deck built in my backyard?

It can be very expensive depending on the size. You will need a quote from a contractor. Expect to spend over $1000.

How can you bypass the security system on 1995 Buick Le Sabre?

no bypassing,you need to repair whats broken. sorry.

Do you need a license to pour concrete as a contractor?

I need some concrete work done. Will my contractor be required to have a licence to do the job? I need some concrete work done. Will my contractor be required to have a licence to do the job?

How do I repair broken windshield wipers?

Broken wipers are easy and cheap to replace. You should just buy new ones to ensure they are working right when you need them the most.

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