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Home telephone, land-line service is not required in order to have internet access today. Freestanding DSL technology makes it possible to get fast internet connection without a phone. EarthLink is one provider of this type of service.

This is a yes and no answer. If you want DSL then most phone companies would require you to have a basic line installed. If you want cable internet through your cable TV company then no you do not need to have a home phone line.

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Q: Do I need telephone service to have the internet connected?
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What do you need to subscribe to Vonage telephone service?

By calling the provider for service. FYI you need to have internet service.

What is PC faxing?

This is a faxing technique where in you use an internet connected PC instead of the traditional fax machine. So no need for a telephone line. I guess you need to subscribe for the service.

Local Internet Service?

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Why do we need telephone connection for the internet?

Because the internet - is a collection of computers connected over the telephone network. Even if you access the internet from a mobile phone - at some point, the connection is routed onto the country's telephone cable network.

Do you need internet for Netflix on Wii?

Because Netflix is a streaming movie service, your Wii must be connected to the Internet to use it.

Will the magic jack work even if you don't have internet service?

No. It is a VOIP service (voice over internet protocol). It needs to be connected to the internet to work. Actually, you need to have high speed to have high quality phone service.

If your computer has an modem then you can access the Internet using a standard telephone line?

Yes. But you need an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and an IP (Internet Protocol) address.

What are the requirements needed in each type of Internet connection?

for dial up you need a modem, active telephone line and an internet service provider for high-speed u need a highspeed router and modem, and an active internet service provider ~zero

WiFi Internet Service?

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10 computers how many ways to connect to the internet?

Hi 1-Telephone Line Internet: Your computer needs a specific hardware, which is called Modem" to connect to the internet. This modem is fixed on a slot in the motherboard of the CPU. Just install the modem driver from the manufacturer's CD. You need a telephone line. Insert the telephone wire in the modem and dial the ISP (internet service provider) number from your "Dial up Connection". On successful verification of username and password from the ISP, you will be connected to the internet. 2- Wireless Internet: You can connect to the internet with a wireless connection. The wireless telephone has a built-in modem and by default internet enabled. You need to install this modem from a CD which is provided to you with this wireless set. In addition, you also need a USB Data cable which will connect your computer with the wireless set. Follow the steps in the CD to make a connection in your computer to dial the wireless internet. 3- ISDN BRI Line: You can use ISDN Line from your telephone service provider. The service provider will install a modem which will connect you to the internet with high speed but you will also need an internet connection from any ISP. 4-DSL: You can have broadband services with high speed internet from any service provider. They will provide you with a modem which will connect your computer to the internet. 5-Firber Optic: Some Telephone Companies also provide Fiber Optic cable with a modem to use it for multipurpose. The user can avail facility of internet, cable and also telephone line on one connection. 6-Cable Internet: You can have facility of Cable internet from any service provider in your area. You need network cable and a Lan Card installed in your computer to connect to the internet with some specific internet settings in your browser.

Do you need a router for the PS3 if the internet is wiredless?

PS3 has the ability to have a wireless connection or a wired connection to the internet. It does not have wireless internet, you must purchase a broadband internet service. Many people already have broadband internet service for a PC and need a router to allow them to connect the PS3. A router will allow two or more items to be connected to the internet service. A wireless router will allow them to connect wirelessly if they both have a wireless connection capability like the PS3 and also allow them to be connected with an ethernet cable for a wired connection.

What equipment would I need to start a telephone answering service business?

You will need telephone answering equipment, which is available for purchase or lease. You'll also need a cell phone, computer, internet connection, and business cards.

can someone help me about free internet?

If you have determined that all you cables and connections are properly connected, it may be that your service provider is having an issue. You will need to contact the customer service department of your internet provider.

Where can you fax a document?

Anywhere that has a fax machine and a communications connection through a telephone or internet.AnswerYou can send fax from your home using your internet connected PC. But you need to have a fax software also you can subscribe to online fax service from providers.

Do i need internet on my iPhone to get apps?

To download an application, you'll need to either be connected to a wifi network or have 3G (or related service) enabled.

What do you need to send a fax?

If you prefer the old faxing technique you need fax machine and telephone line. For internet fax you don't need a dedicated phone line it would only require Internet connected PC and your online fax number.

Where can you go to fax papers?

There are establishments that offers faxing service. You can also use your internet connected PC to send and receive faxes. But you need to subscribe for the service.

Do you need anything extra for playstation 3 network?

Yes you do. You need to have internet service and have it connected to the PS3 with either a WiFi connection or an ethernet cable.

Compare Business Telephone Providers?

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Does apple find iPod feature require the iPod to have internet access while lost?

A mobile device will need to be connected to a network (either Internet or 3G telephone) to be located. You can send Lock or Wipe instructions while it is not connected and these will be activated once the device connects to a network.

Do you need internet for FaceTime?

Yes, you need to be connected to the internet to use FaceTime.

What is required to connect to the internet?

A PC or laptop, a modem or router ( routher for broadband connection) and an ISP ( Internet service provider) and a telephone line.ComputerAn isp( internet Service Provider)Telephone linesSoftwareTo get on the internet you need to buy an internet connection. You must plug your internet cable into a router. Then you must have connection to the router, most computers will automatically connect to the internet if the hardware is in place.

Why do you you need a modem?

You only need it if you don't have internet connected to your house, and you want internet.

Do you need a phone to fax?

For online faxing you don't need one. All you need to have is an internet fax tool and internet connected PC. You can avail it from a service provider. For traditional fax machine, you really need a phone line in order to send and receive faxes.

How do you hook a ps2 to the internet?

If you already have a cable or DSL internet service provider (ISP) and a modem you will need to purchase a router and an ethernet cable. The cable runs from the router to the PS2 and provides access to the internet once connected