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Do Italian Nintendo DS games work with American Nintendo DS games?


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2009-12-21 22:21:40
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All Nintendo DS are region-free, there is no regional lockout. Any Nintendo DS game will work with any Nintendo DS, and any Nintendo DS game is compatible for multiplayer with another Nintendo DS game, of a different country of origin.

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Yes. Nintendo ds games are not region coded.

Yes. All games are compatible with all systems. Except for the playstation 2. In that case American ps2 games don't work on English ps2's.

Yes, thankfully, but an American DS cannot translate from Japanese to English.

No... a N64 is a whole different game setup. The games are "Cartridges." Nintendo Gamecube games work on the Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo Gameboy games work on the Nintendo DS. ~Hope that helps :)

Yes, they will work since DS games are not region locked.

Yes, since Nintendo DS games are not region locked, the Japanese DSi can play North American games. The Japanese DSi is not physically different than the North American DSi so accessories will work as well.

No Nintendo DS games work on Nintendo DS game consoles and maybe some other Nintendo and not on any of the Xbox or PlayStation game consoles regardless of the country or region.

Unless you have it Soft-Modded or have a Mod-chip, No.

All games that work on Nintendo DS will work on Nintendo DS-i

Most consoles are locked into different regions and an American console would not work on a Japanese console. However, an oversight from Nintendo allows an American gameboy to work with Japanese games. Yes.

No. The Nintendo Wii is region locked so the Indian Wii will not play North American games

American DS games will work on an European DS. The original Nintendo DS handheld game console was available between 2004 and 2007.

Yes. Unlike movies and console games, pc games do not have regional coding and should work fine.

Yes, games from any region will work on a DS from anywhere.

No, Super Nintendo games are not compatible with Nintendo 64 hardware. The cartridges are different sizes.

No, 3DS games can only be played on a 3DS.

Yes, DS games are not region locked so you can play DS games from different regions.

Gameboy Color games do not work on Nintendo DS. They will slide out or not fit. But, Gameboy Advanced games will work on DS.

Of course. All Nintendo DS games work on Nintendo DS Lites. some Nintendo DS/lite games do not work on the DSi, however (like guitar hero on tour) because the DSi has no GBA slot.

Yes. All DS games work on all DS systems.

No, the 3DS is region locked, a US game will not work on a European console.

Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite support Nintendo DS games and Game Boy Advance games. Nintendo DSi and XL only support Nintendo DS games.

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