Do Italians believe in Buddha?

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Yes and no. Those Italians who hold other or no beliefs don't believe in Buddha. Those Italians who respect Buddhism as a religion believe in Buddha.

What do Buddhas believe?

To start with Buddhists believe in the Four Noble Truths . All life is suffering (Dukkha): All aspect of life are essentially unsatisfactory and cause some degree of suffering and pain. Now this ... is the noble truth of suffering: birth is suffering, aging is suffering, illness is suffering, de ( Full Answer )

Do Filipino people believe in Buddha?

some Filipinos do believe that and some are Muslims too! but mostl Filipinos are christians Filipino buddhists do believe in Buddha of course. There are Buddhist Temples here Some buy images of Buddha and display it in their houses although they are not buddhists. They think that it is good ( Full Answer )

What did Buddha believe?

He had a belief in life after death,karma,dharma,energy,harmony and finding happiness within the soul. Answer: The Buddha's beliefs are summarized in the Four Noble Truths: . All life is suffering . All suffering is caused by desire . There is and end to suffering . The end of suffering is ( Full Answer )

What did Buddha believe in?

He believed that: . All life contains suffering or unsatisfactoriness . That this undesirable condition is called by desire . That there is an escape form desire and suffering . That this route is contained in the Eightfold Path . These points are called the Four Noble Truths

How many people believe in Buddha worldwide?

There are around 376 million Buddhists worldwide and many more whoempathize with Buddhism but who do not consider themselvesBuddhists. It should be emphasized that Buddha is not "someone to believe in"(as with a god). He was a teacher who created a philosophy based onunderstanding one's place in th ( Full Answer )

What do Italians believe in?

They don't all believe in the same thing. Do all the people in your country believe in the same thing?

Do Buddha believe in heaven or afterlife?

To become a Buddha, you must cease to exist or become Non-self. While Mahayana Buddhists believe in 18 hells and a few paradises, these are all temporary, as the end goal is Nirvana or non-existence.

Why do people believe in Buddha?

The question is a little vague. Most Buddhists don't believe in Buddha in the same way that Christians believe in Jesus. Gautama Siddharta, the historical Buddha, was merely the person who delivered the teachings of enlightenment to the world. Unlike Christianity, the veneration of the Buddha is not ( Full Answer )

Does Buddha believe in medical care?

"Faith healing" is not really a Buddhist tradition, neither is walking around with festering sores that can be treated with antibiotics. As an example HH the Dalai Lama was recently hospitalized and received medical treatment. Like many parts of Buddhist practice the use and acceptance of needful ( Full Answer )

Does South Koreans believe in Buddha?

As in any society South Koreans have many belifs, As far asreligion . 22.8% are Buddhist, . 18.3% are Protestants . 10.9% are Catholics The remainder (50%) are Jeung San Do, Daesun Jinrihoe, Cheondoism,Taoism, Confucianism and Won Buddhism.

The Buddha believed the only way to find truth was by?

The Buddha believed the only way to find truth was by looking at it without warping your view with attachments (hopes, fears or assumptions). The rest of Buddhism is methods of weakening and overcoming those attachments.

Who did Buddha believe in?

Buddha believed: . All life contains suffering . All suffering is caused by desire . There is a way to escape suffering by eliminating desire . The Eightfold Path is the way . Buddha believed it is in every person to achieve the goal of enlightenment following these four noble truths. No deit ( Full Answer )

Did the Buddha believe in a god?

Buddha believed: . All life contains suffering . All suffering is caused by desire . There is a way to escape suffering by eliminating desire . The Eightfold Path is the way . Buddha believed it is in every person to achieve the goal of enlightenment following these four noble truths. No deit ( Full Answer )

Can you believe in god and Buddha?

Budha is not a God he was a Prince of ansient Hundustan(India) his real name was Siddhartha Gautama.( c . 563-479 BC), he become a first teacher of non violence. As Buddha was a real person anyone can believe in him. As the belief in god(s) is a matter of personal choice some people believe in g ( Full Answer )

Why do Buddhists believe in Buddha?

Buddhist believe in Buddha because he was a real person. He worked very hard to find out a way that people can escapesuffering. When he did this, rather than keep it for himself orshare it with a close community of friends, he spread theinformation to as many people as he could.

Do Buddhist believe in Buddha?

Buddhism was started by a real person Prince Siddhartha Gautama - The Buddha- about 2500 years ago. Yes, that is what Buddhists believe

What did buddhists believe before Buddha?

Buddha and his family were Hindu before Buddha became enlightened. In areas where Buddhism came in as an "alternate" belief the peoples had many beliefs - Taoist, Confucian, Christian.

Buddha believed that suffering is caused by?

The Buddha said that suffering is cause by attachment and desire. We get attached to people and things thinking that they will be the same way they are now forever and that they will make us happy, but everything changes and passes away. When they do we fell sad, angry, etc. Also our desires, if unr ( Full Answer )

Buddha believed that suffering is caused by what?

Suffering does exist . Suffering arises from attachment to desires . Suffering ceases when attachment to desire ceases . Freedom from suffering is possible by practicing the EightFold Path

Do Buddhists believe in more than 1 Buddha?

Buddhists feel that each person has the potential to become a Buddha (enlightened). Being a Buddha is not the equivalent of being a god, simply the realization of your true nature.

What people believe Buddha is a god?

Bubdhists don't believe this, however non-Buddhists, mostly those whose exposure to Buddhism has been limited to Hollywood B movies' interpretation of Buddhism, think this is the Buddha's role.

What desire did Buddha believe caused suffering?

To end suffering you end greed. Answer: Buddha basically stated that all desire (with the exception of the desire to become enlightened) was negative and lead to suffering. A lot of misunderstading comes from the use of the English terms desire and suffering in discussions of Buddhism. Desire ( Full Answer )

Do more people believe in Buddha or God?

There are several logical observations that aid in this calculation: . The belief in god(s) and Buddha is not limited to one exclusive case, so there is no constraint on believing in both. . Since Buddha was a real person, everyone can (and probably does) believe that he existed, just as they do ( Full Answer )

Did Jews believe in Buddha and why?

Buddha is a historic figure like Alexander the Great, Henry VIII or Cheops. There is no reason why anyone of any religious or ethnic orientation would not believe in a historic figure

What religion did the Buddha believe in?

I'm pretty sure the story of the Buddha indicates that he didn't believe in any religion but was seeking a way out of suffering. His realizations from that search then turned into what is Buddhism. Answer: In all probability Buddha was a Hindu to start with (before his enlightenment). He realiz ( Full Answer )

What is 'Believe' in Italian?

Credere is an Italian equivalent of 'to believe'. The Italian word is an infinitive. It's pronounced 'KREH-deh-reh'.

Do Buddhists believe only in Buddha?

Buddishists do not belive in one god because they have more than one symbol Answer: Buddhists believe in Buddha in the same way that Americans "believe" in George Washington" , not in the way that Christians "believe" in Jesus. The Buddha is a historic figure who solved the problem of suffering ( Full Answer )

Do you believe in Buddha?

Yes, I do believe in Buddha, because Buddha Ji was born in my Country Nepal. It is very easy to believe in actual historic figures like Buddha, Richard the Lion Heart, Mao Zedong, and Alexander the Great as they have a wealth of contemporary information as proof of their existence.

What can worship mean if Buddhists dont believe the Buddha is a god?

Siddhartha Gautama founded Buddhism about 525 B.C. in India. Buddhism is a derivative of Hinduism. Buddha was a Hindu born in northern India. He formed a school of religious thought that was primarily designed to reform Brahmanism (Hinduism) and especially to overthrow the caste system. Siddhartha G ( Full Answer )

What can worship mean if Buddhists dont believe Buddha is a god?

they worship the spirit or object. Answer: Worship is, in Western religions, a method of contacting a god to ask for protection, forgiveness or ask for help. Worship is not a part of Buddhism as they have no god(s). They revere the Buddha as a man who identified the common cause of all sufferin ( Full Answer )

Do Buddhas believe in one God?

Buddhists are quite varied in their beliefs because "belief" is not required to be a Buddhist. Buddhism teaches that we need to be clear on the difference between what we can know with relative certainty and what we can only speculate about. So some Buddhists whose lives have led them to feel they " ( Full Answer )

What did Buddha believe that truth is?

The Buddha believed that each person should find their own truth, a truth that brings themselves closer to oneness with everything, that allows them to accept the world around them for what it is.

Can you be a Christian and believe in the Buddha?

Christians have no constraint on believing in historical figures. Buddha is a historic figure. Christians can believe in him. As far as Christians believing Buddhist doctrine, they can accept the Eightfold Path as a guide to moral conduct but might not be able to accept the metaphysical aspects su ( Full Answer )

How many people in China still believe in Buddha?

Atheism is a growing wordview in China, as it is in the Western world, but statistics are not really available. Just as Westerners often describe themselves as Christian for cultural reasons, although they do not really hold religious beliefs, so also Chinese people often describe themselves as Budd ( Full Answer )

Do Chinese people have to believe in Buddha?

Chinese should not believe in Buddha: I have learned when I was grade 6th that a person that made peace through the world. Jesus was the one who created him and Chinese had created Budha to be the God. I hate the way they imagined Budha to be the god except how the way they invented things. Almost ( Full Answer )

What did Buddha believe was the cause of suffering?

The texts tell us that the Buddha discovered that our own; thoughts words and deeds are the primary cause of our own suffering. Suffering generally is the result of 'ignorance' of the laws of cause and effect. Suffering is the result of our attachment and aversion to composite phenomena, things that ( Full Answer )

Did Buddha believe in heaven or hell?

Buddhism in general (with exception to certain Buddhist branch's) takes an indifferent stance on the existence of a heaven or hell,as most believe that we create a heaven or hell on earth based on our actions. Buddha spoke of different realms of existence where Karma is re-payed, some realms being h ( Full Answer )

Do buddhists believe that to reach nirvana they have to follow Buddhas teachings?

Buddha only idenitifed the way to enlightenment. There is nothingto stop a person from independently reaching the same conclusions,in which case he or she could strive for enlightenment without everhearing of the Buddha. Unlike Christianity where Jesus is necessary for salvation, theBuddha is not a ( Full Answer )

Do some people believe in Buddha?

Buddha, which is a title that means "Enlightened One", was a spiritual teacher who is believed to have lived 2,500 - 2,600 years ago in South Asia. Buddhism is a religion that is largely based on his teachings, which incorporate familiar concepts such as meditation, karma, rebirth, nirvana, yoga, ze ( Full Answer )

Why don't people believe in buddha?

Probably because they have not been exposed to his teachings. For me, once I had been exposed to his teachings in a open minded manner, his teachings made a lot of sense to me and I converted to be a follower.

Do Buddha religion believe in God?

Buddha is considered an incarnation of God by the Hindu scriptures. Buddhism is for the benefit of the atheists. Buddhism is an atheist religion, but they follow Buddha's atheistic teachings.

Why did early Buddhists believe portraying Buddha in art was impossible?

Buddha was impossible to portray because his radiance was too blindingly brilliant, and it made it impossible for an artist to accurately see his features or even his outline. Here is the story: During Buddha's lifetime, two Kings, Utayana and Bimbisara, used to exchange gifts. King Utayana gave ( Full Answer )

Why did early buddhists believe Buddha could not be painted?

The Buddha specifically forbade his followers from making statues or other items depicting him for fear that they would turn him into a deity or start worshiping him. As time past this obviously was not followed. This explains why all artistic depictions of Buddha are different, because there are no ( Full Answer )

How did the buddha believe peoople would find the middle way?

Buddhism incorporates the idea of reincarnation - being part of a cycle of death and rebirth for untold countless cycles. Unlike brownian motion in particles which always passes back through the same point after enough repetitions, the cycle of death and rebirth is driven towards enlightenment by th ( Full Answer )