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Do Italians believe in Buddha?


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Yes and no. Those Italians who hold other or no beliefs don't believe in Buddha. Those Italians who respect Buddhism as a religion believe in Buddha.


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emo's does just believe in Buddha, they believe in whatever they what to believe in.

Italians are originally and typically Catholic.

People who believe in Buddha are commonly called Buddhists. They practice Buddhism

most of the Italians are catholics, so yes.

Some Italians believe in God. In many cases, it's the God of Christianity in whom Italians believe. But there also are Italians who believe in the God of Judaism, the God of Islam, or the gods of Hinduism.Some Italians believe in the people of Italy or in particular parts of Italy. Italians tend to value the regular interactions of family and friends. They know that they live in a country that appeals to visitors. They also know that they make accessories, clothing, food, and other products that have worldwide appeal. For these reasons, Italians tend to believe in themselves and each other even when they stop believing in God.

Yes. Buddha is the best human to believe and believing Buddha will be a merit for us definitely.

Yes, I do believe in Buddha, because Buddha Ji was born in my Country Nepal. It is very easy to believe in actual historic figures like Buddha, Richard the Lion Heart, Mao Zedong, and Alexander the Great as they have a wealth of contemporary information as proof of their existence.

Italians believe they are great people and they are just very proud people.

I think they believe in the Buddha like the Chinese

No, he believes in Buddha.

He belived in the buddha

Absolutely. No doubt about it.

Buddhism was started by a real person Prince Siddhartha Gautama - The Buddha- about 2500 years ago. Yes, that is what Buddhists believe

Italians believe that people with the surname Albanese(Albanian) are Italian because the last name is given in Italian, not Albanian.

They believe in Lord Buddha. They follow Lord Buddha's teachings.

I believe more than half of Italians are married. This is probably due to strong family ties and commitments. Americans aren't as faithful and committed as Italians.

They don't all believe in the same thing. Do all the people in your country believe in the same thing?

I do not believe that this is recorded in the Tipitika.

Buddha was a man who was believed to be the reincarnation of one of the past gods, yet Buddha himself did not believe he was a god with any kind of supernatural powers. When asked who he is, Buddha replied, "A teacher, that is all."

The answer is Buddhism. It believes in the teachings of the Buddha.

Buddishists do not belive in one god because they have more than one symbolAnswer:Buddhists believe in Buddha in the same way that Americans "believe" in George Washington" , not in the way that Christians "believe" in Jesus. The Buddha is a historic figure who solved the problem of suffering and proposed a route to enlightenment. He is, however, a man not a god.

you need to be more specific. Believe about what? If you mean what the Buddha taught us, we believe it all.

It depends on the Region, but for the most part Italians have Olive Skin with either brown/green or Hazel eyes. There are however many Italians that are Blond Hair Blue Eyes. It is Ignorant to believe that all Italians are dark skinned or Brunettes.

Followers of the Buddha are called Buddhists.

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