Meditation and Yoga

Do Jainists practice yoga?



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The general answer to that question is yes.

Yoga is the basis of every religion and spiritual path.

In fact, its the basis of every philosophical thought and indeed ALL thought, whether it is philosophical or not!!!

For this to be correctly understood we must study the basis of religious mystical experience starting with the human organism and its subtle counterpart the aura.

Religion, itself, is an expression or translation of truth based on the experiences of certain individuals.

If the translating mechanism (human mind) is faulty only a bad translation of truth can be received and expressed.

One of the Founders of Jainism, Mahavira himself, who established what later became the central tenets of Jainism gave up great family wealth and materialistic possessions so as to learn detachment and practice yoga and meditation.

For over ten years Mahavira practiced intense austerities and then went out to teach and serve others.

Other examples of Yogic Philosophy and practices can be found throughout Jain history.