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That's a matter of opinion. If you're Jewish and want a Jewish hubbie, than that may be the case. If you are a different religion, than that may not be the case.

This issue only matters with regard to Jewish ancestry. A man of any faith can make a good husband if he is attentive to his wife and her desires.

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Q: Do Jewish men make the best husbands?
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Why was Jewish women's hair cut?

To make themselves look "ugly" to men who are not their husbands.

What was the place of a women in Jewish society in Jesus time?

Mostly, Jewish woman were considered as slaves that obeyed there husbands and were not allowed to see any other men then their husbands

What country has the best men to marry?

According to a study, Swedish men are supposed to make the best husbands (because they're more willing to pitch in with housework and such.)

Why do Orthodox Jewish women cut their hair?

They have to avoid intimate contact with men who are not their husbands.

What do Jewish men do to make money?

Jewish men make money the same way all other people on the planet make money. There is nothing unique about the occupations of Jewish men.

Are Jewish women allowed to ask their men for money?

There is no Jewish law about asking husbands or wives for money. (In fact, Most Jewish women work outside the house, and have their own money).

Are Orthodox Jewish women allowed to keep their hair?

Yes, but they need to cover it to avoid intimate attractions from men who are not their husbands.

How come Jewish girls had to shave their heads?

Only some Chasidic girls do that - usually, they cut their hair after marrying to avoid sexual attractions from men who are not their husbands.

Why do husbands abusive their wives?

because men think they created everything including women to make slaves

What do Jewish men do for a job?

Jewish men have the same types of jobs as non-Jewish men: ALL types of jobs.

Are all men Jews?

No, only Jewish men are Jews. Also, not all Jews are men, regardless of how disproportionately Jewish men might be photographed relative to Jewish women.

What belt do the Jewish men wear?

There is no special belt for Jewish men. But some Jewish men wear "tseetsteet katan", which is an undershirt that has fringes at the bottom.

Did Cleopatra have a husband and children?

Yes, Cleopatra had two husbands, both of them were her brothers. She had four children with men who were not her husbands.

What does the Wife of Bath says she was her fourth husbands purgatory?

She basically gives him Hell on earth. She likes to control men and make them jealous.

Is it true that most Jewish men are gay?

No, only about 3.5% - 8% of Jewish men are gay.

Are most Jewish men circumsized?

Yes, approximately 90% of Jewish men worldwide are circumcised.

Did the 10 Jewish men have to be single?

10 Jewish men don't need to be single to have a minyan.

Are most Jewish men circumcised?

Yes, 80-90% of Jewish men worldwide are circumcised.

Can men and women sit together at a Jewish wedding?

It is not permitted by Jewish law; and in Orthodox Jewish weddings the seating is separate for men and women.

Who is the husband in a same-sex marriage?

If the marriage is between two men, then both are called husbands.If two men marry, both of them are husbands. If two women get married, there is no husband.

Do Jewish men and women both wear kippahs?

Traditionally, men wear the kippah and women don't. This is not to say that in 2011, you won't find Jewish men who don't and Jewish women who do.

How do Jewish men treat women?

They're supposed to treat them with respect. Unfortunately, there ARE abusive Jewish men.

What do Jewish men wear at pray?

Jewish men wear a Kippah, a tallit, and sometimes teffilin when they pray.

Do Jewish men wear lobg robes?

Orthodox Jewish men sometimes do wear long robes.

Do Jewish men kiss?

Just like any other men, Jewish men kiss. If not, it is just a matter of personal preference and choice.