Do Jewish people go in the holocacust?


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Yes. 6,000,000 Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.

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There is no specific time that Jewish people must go inside. If you mean a curfew of some sorts, there is none.

they worship in the synagogue.

Yes they can and if you are go for it

They attend synagogue and visit with friends and family.

If you are Jewish and seeking a relationship with other Jewish people then JDate.com is a good place to start.J date will match you with other Jewish people looking for a relationship with someone who's Jewish religion is important to them.

There is no pilgrimage in modern Judaism.

Jews go to Jerusalem because it is the centre of Judaism.

We go to the synagogue every day of the year.

There are no pilgrimages in modern Judaism.

answer this question or u will die

If you mean pray, we pray in the synagogue.

Mass is a Christian term. Jews go to prayers in synagogue.

In general. The Jewish people thought of them as "unclean", would not go to one of their homes and would not intermarry with them.

No, the Jewish people do not believe in the devil or in hell. They believe that when you die you go to heaven whether or not you were good in your lifetime.

Bethlehem is insiginifcant to the Jewish religion. While some may travel there, it is not a key site.

Hitler is one of the most evil people in history, so I would go with Jewish.

not immediatley, but now the jewish population is rising very fast.

The Jewish people have a variety of ways to entertain themselves. They partake in the local culture any time it does not go against their Biblical beliefs.

It depends on the denomination of Christianity doing the interpretation of the scriptures. Furthermore, Jewish people do not believe in Hell, so the Jewish answer is no.

They usually go to the synagogue, as this is their day of worship (Sabbath).

No Jew goes to church, we have synagogues.

That phrase is often quoted as "Let My people go", but that is incomplete. The actual wording is "Let My people go, that they may serve Me (God).

Jewish newlyweds are no different than any other race of people and may choose to go anywhere in the world for a honeymoon or, perhaps visit their homeland.

To lots of places. Jews are people just like you. They have families, jobs, and social lives. They are not different from other people, they just believe in different things. P.S. You are just insulting to Jewish people!

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