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No, because Undertaker and Kane are not related in real life


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Undertaker has more moves then Kane and his tombstone attack is unstoppable

It depends... Kane is taller and weighs more while undertake is more known. Undertaker has more experience and I think is better. Undertaker has won more titles but Kane is more capable of getting in peoples heads. I say Undertaker is better, because Kane gets distracted and frustrated easily.

The Undertaker is definitely stronger because Kane is the little brother and the Undertaker can prove himself against a lot more people than Kane can but Kane is still a really good wrestler. The Undertaker has been doing this for almost 20 years and Kane has been doing this for 12 years so Undertaker has won victories over Kane and keeps winning at Wrestlemania . wrong. they are not real brothers.undertaker is stronger harder and better. more experienced aswell

Well is should say that undertaker is better because he has done more in his cereer. Don't get me wrong Kane is a legendery superstar. But think about it The times when i see Kane dominent is when he was masked what was for about 6 years since then he started to lose hid dominance. as for the undertaker since his debut at survivor series 1990 he was dominent he is also a great athlete for a person who is 45 years old he can jump over the top ropes. so im not saying Kane is not legendary im just saying undertaker is way more legendary than Kane. look up the past matches with undertaker and Kane undertaker beat Kane 6 times Kane only three and Kane needed help for two of them

At Wrestlemania it was Kane at Wrestlemania 14.Kane had hit the Tombstone and covered him and he got to 2 and Kane rose hiis arm up to punish more

probably Taker, since he's been in WWE longer

Exactly as you have said it: I wish I had more siblings. You might also hear something like "I wish I had more brothers and sisters." The word "siblings" is not as common in casual conversation as saying "brothers", "sisters", or "brothers and sisters".

The Undertaker, The phenom is stronger! Undertaker lost to Kane at night of champions then Hell in A cell followed by A buried alive match. The reason why this is is because Undertaker needed more time because he still had some injuries wearing on him espically his shoulder, He will return before wrestlmania and challange Kane I guess and regain his holy grail the world champion!And get his revenge on the Nexus. otherwise undertaker would have won all three of those paper views....... UNDERTAKER 4EVA

Brother's do care more for brothers because they feel that brothers would practically in situations wherein sisters react emotionally.

yeah hes died against stone cold Kane and loads more

A while back ago Kane beat undertaker in a buried alive match and he went on to the royal rumble to win but undertaker's theme song came on and distracted Kane and some one sq Kane and the later coming month more and more sings of undertakers return were coming up and they would meet at wrestlemaina to fight undertaker won I will repeat aging look for sings near the royalrumble

no, brothers are SO MUCH worse

The sister's name is Sarah, i dont know if she has any more sisters or brothers.

Kane is Glen Jacobs and Undertaker is Mark Calarway. How can the father be the same? Their mom is the same but father is different. Glen and Mark aren't really related but the storyline is that Kane and Undertaker are. Also the storyline state's that Kane and Undertaker have the same mother, but not the same father. Kane's father is Paul Bearer (The man that carries the urn). That is why Bearer threatened Undertaker by exposing his secret if he wasn't his manager again. In fear Undertaker agreed, but in the first ever Hell in a Cell match Undertaker Vs HBK, Kane pulled the door off and attacked Undertaker giving HBK the win. They both have mentioned their dead mother who died in a fire apparently started by Undertaker, the brother were playing with matches but were punished when Undertaker's father found them. Undertaker was punished more than Kane because he was the oldest. His father explained what they were doing including that they were around flamable liquids. After punishing Undertaker he sent him on his way to do his chores. Undertaker looked back and saw Kane heading through a back door with some of the liquids in his hands, Undertaker dismissed the matter. He later came home to see the place a light in flames. He wanted to run in but the fire fighters stopped him. Undertaker believed that his mother, father and Kane were all dead, but Kane survived. Undertaker admitted a year later when he did a heel turn that he actually burned the funeral home and set it a light.

Loads Of People Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Triple H, Kane, Randy Orton, Edge,and many more.

Kane and undertaker , Matt hardy and Jeff hardy, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon and some more I think

who are you talking about Stacey solomann well she likes her sisters way more as she go clubbing with them

yes two more sisters and four brothers and one sister that died as a toddler when hit by a of 11 children

She had 3 brothers and 4 sisters.See the related Wikipedia link listed below for more information:

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It totally depends on the person.

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