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Miami is about 4 hours from Walt Disney World. I would just enjoy a few days in Miami and atleast 4 in Disney, 6 if you have children or want to see more. It would take 2 weeks to see everything at Disney

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Q: Do Miami hotels offer excursions to Disney World?
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What are the hotels near Disney world?

The best hotels near Disney World perfect for tourists like you, maybe I'll find, the best hotels near Disney World, for your needs.

Where is the best hotels vacation near Disney World?

Some of the best hotels for vacation near Disney World are actually the resorts and hotels located on site. The top hotels and resorts include Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

What are some hotels in Walt Disney World Resort Orlando?

There are many hotels in Walt Disney World. Some of them are Disney's Pop Century, Disney's Caribbean Beach, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Disney's Saratoga Springs.

Does Disney World and Disneyland have the same hotels?

No Disney World is way bigger. And is built diffrently.

Can you honeymoon at Walt Disney World?

Absolutely! Disney has hotels and even cruises!

What are some deals for hotel rooms at Disney?

There are four 4 hotels inside Walt Disney World which are not owned by Disney World. We happen to think these Disney World hotels offer the best value. They are priced down near the lower end of the Disney World limited service hotels, but provides exceptional quality for your vacation stay.

Where might one find Disney World resort hotels?

You can find Disney World resort hotels in Florida. You can find a list of the best Disney World resort hotels in Florida online at the Expedia website. Once on the website, you can book a stay online.

What is the distance from the Miami International Airport to Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World is about 236 miles away from Miami International Airport.

Where can I find information on Disney world hotels?

There are many Disney world hotels around the world. You can ask your travel agent about the hotels or visit their online sites for more information. You can also send a support ticket for the same.

What hotels offer Last minute deals in Disney World?

The hotel room you are looking for is at Orlando Hotels near Disney World in Florida. The hotel is extremely close to Disney World, with high quality at the best price.

What are the names of the Disney World hotels?

There are many different hotels and resorts on the many different Disney World sites in the world. Some well knows one's are Disney's Polynesian Resort, Disney's Pop Century Resort, Disney's Port Orleans Resort and many others.

How many miles is it from Miami to Walt Disney World?

231.5 miles from Miami to Walt Disney World.

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