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Milo is a malted cocoa drink, and contains barley. So yes, Milo includes gluten, but if you just have to eat wheate-free then it can be okay.

Cocoa pops definitely have gluten.

Look at ingredients lists for maltodextrin, glucose syrup, glucose, thickener, vegetable starch, lecithin (if it says soy lecithin then its okay), reconstituted, wheat, oats, barley or rye. all these things have gluten.

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Does Cocoa Butter or Cocoa Paste have gluten?

Cocoa butter and paste are both gluten free as long as the manufacturer does not add other ingredients in the process that introduce gluten.

Is camino cocoa powder gluten free?

Cocoa Camino cocoa powder (224g tins) does not contain any gluten (or gluten-containing ingredients), however it is manufactured at a facility which produces gluten-containing products. An allergen prevention program is in place to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

Is all cocoa powder gluten free?


Is Cadburys cocoa powder gluten free?

No it contains trace amounts of Gluten by added wheat syrup in the cocoa powder if you are a Celiac stay away from it!

Is hershey's cocoa powder gluten free?


Is cocoa powder gluten free?

Nestle's brand baking cocoa is. I use it to make all sorts of things, including drinking cocoa.

Does corn pops cereal have gluten?

Yes they have gluten in them. So that you do not have to ask questions about this on Answers, download the "Is That Gluten Free" app.It tells you ingredients that have gluten, and products that do or do not.

Can you use milo instead of cocoa?

yea but it wouldnt be chocolate flavoured maybe by the least it will but it will also taste malty its fine if you love milo :)

Are cocoa krispies gluten free?

No. But they might be soon as Kellogg's is releasing gluten free Rice Krispies in May.

Is corn pops gluten free?

No they are not gf. They contain oat flour. But I heard they are coming out with gf corn pops.

Does cocoa powder contain gluten?

no it doesn't but it could depending on how you buy it

Can rice krispies be eaten by coeliacs?

Not sure but Kellogs cocoa pops can be.

What cereals are ok for celiacs?

EnviroKidz has several kinds that are gluten-free, rice chex, gluten-free rice krispies, and Fruity and cocoa pebbles.

Is corn pops cereal gluten-free?

read the box it should say

What was mozarts favourite cereals?

wheta bum+ cocoa bums and milk + Sugar Bum pops + cocoa bums and mlk make a bowl full of funny bums

Is cocoa powder gluten and dairy free?

Yes it is gluten and dairy free. This is because it is not milk chocolate or anything else with dairy in it. it usually doesn't have anything added to it either. So its okay for people who are allergic to dairy or gluten.

Is bournville cocoa powder gluten free?

I don't really know but I THINK probably no. Remember, I might be wrong!!

Can coeliacs have cocoa powder?

Yes as long as it doesn't say May contain/ contains gluten wheat or barley. bournville's is

Does Horlicks and Milo have any caffeine in it?

Milo is a health drink,on the container there is no referance to caffiene. internet site is www Milo comes in powdered form and we can buy milo candy bars also and icecream. I have never heard of milo spread before this time. I have had the enjoyment of drinking the Milo drink 62 years Nestle website says standard cup contains 15mg caffeine. Any drink containing cocoa will have a small amount of caffeine. The heart foundation also states the amount of Caffeine contained in Nestle Milo that you can view here at

Do tootsie pops have chocolate in them?

Sort of. They contain "Tootsie," which is made of the following main ingredients:Corn syrupPartially hydrogenated soybean oilCondensed skim milkCocoaWheySoy lecithinOrange extractNatural and artificial flavoursIf you maintain the viewpoint that Cocoa is chocolate, then yes, tootsie pops do contain chocolate.

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Are Dum-Dum pops gluten free?

Yes. Gluten is only found in barley (malt, malt flavoring and malt vinegar are usually made from barley), rye, triticale (a cross between wheat and rye) and wheat.

Where is the Milo Public Library in Milo located?

The address of the Milo Public Library is: 123 Main St, Milo, 50166 0147

What are the main ingredients for cocoa?

Cocoa is Cocoa. It comes from the Cocoa plant, is made from cocoa beans, and is cocoa.

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