Do Muslims commit suicide

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Suicide is strictly forbidden in Islam.

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Q: Do Muslims commit suicide
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Do Muslims go to heaven if they commit suicide because of depression?

No, suicide is completely forbidden to Muslims and they shall not get to heaven no matter why they commit suicide. This is found in many places in both Qu'ran and Hadith.

Why do Muslims commit suicide?

Various reasons. There's no one reason why anyone commits suicide. Do you mean for the terrorist Reasons? (Not trying to be racists!) If you do so, Because of their religion to do with J-had /G-had! (I think) But not all Muslims commit suicide.

Why do the Muslims commit suciede?

they don't. corrupt minded people do. to add to this Muslims are not allowed to commit suicide since committing such an awful deed is considered a blasphemy so a person who commits suicide cant really be called Muslim can they?

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