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Q: Do Nintendogs have to be the same breed to breed them?
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Can two different breeds have babies on nintendogs?

unfortunately, you can't breed dogs in nintendogs. either it's the same breed or not. :(

Can you breed chihuahuas on Nintendogs?

No, Nintendogs remain as puppies, so they cannot be bred. The same applies to any other breed.

Do your Nintendogs have to be the same breed to breed?

course not! you can have different breeds! but if you want to have a puppy they must be the same breed but not the same color..

Do the dogs on Nintendogs have to be the same breed to have puppies?

Yes, they do.

If your Nintendogs are different color but same breed will you get a rare breed?

no you wont get a rare breed you will get the same breed but in a different colour ;D

If you have to dogs the same breed then buy a different dog not the same breed will the two dogs the same breed still have puppies in nintendogs i only have one more room for one more dog?

You can't breed in Nintendogs. They stay puppies 4ever.

Can you breed Dalmatain Nintendogs dog?

Yep any breed of the same breed no mix breed hope this helps!

What dogs are easiest to breed on Nintendogs?

You cant breed on Nintendogs

Can you breed on Nintendogs plus cats 3ds?

Yes you can breed Nintendogs.

Can you feed Nintendogs water to make them breed?

No, Nintendogs can never breed or have puppies.

Can you give birth to puppies on Nintendogs?

I have heard your nintendogs can breed in dalmatian and friends, you will have to put one female and one male(both the same breed) and in a week you will have puppies.

What can't you do when Nintendogs are breeding?

nintendogs can't breed!!

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