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Circe is a goddess.

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The Sire
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The sirens
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The Sirens

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Q: Do Odysseus and his men encounter any gods or goddesses on their journey?
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Is Odysseus challenging journey a result of his own actions based on free will or fated by the Greek gods and goddesses?

It was based on the gods and goddesses because they each prevented and helped Odysseus prevail in his 10 year journey home.

Is Odysseus afraid of the gods and goddesses?

Any human was afraid of the Gods or Goddesses

Why did Odysseus and his men burn an offering to the gods?

Odysseus and his men survived a shipwreck and offered to burn a ram to thank the gods for not making their journey worse.

Who were the major gods and goddesses of Greece?

Major Gods and Goddesses of GreeceThe major gods and goddesses of Greece were:ZeusPoseidonHeraAphroditeApolloAresArtemisAthenaDionysusHephaestusHermesDemeterHades

How did greek gods and goddesses become gods and goddesses?

It's impossible for a mortal to become a God

Why would the gods be on odysseus' side now when they have been against him during the whole journey?

The Gods aren't for or against Odysseus. The majority of them couldn't care less whether he lived or died. It was Poseidon that hated him and tried everything he could to delay his journey home and kill him, and it was Athena who was helping him.

Why socrates called as the destroyer of the gods and goddesses?

what is the description of socrates to the gods and goddesses

What did greek gods and goddesses drink?

Greek gods, and goddesses drank wine.

Why does Zeus despite his liking of Odysseus allow Poseidon to make his journey such an ordeal?

How can humans explain the actions of the gods?

How long has Hera the goddess been a goddess?

All along. Gods and goddesses were born as gods and goddesses and remained gods and goddesses throughput their immortality.

Is there more than 11 greek gods and goddesses?

There are twelve main gods and goddesses(the Olympians), but there are lots of other minor gods and goddesses in Greek mythology.

Which gods and goddesses hurt Odysseus?

Poseidon, Calypso, and Zeus (only for throwing a lightning bolt at his whole crew after they disobeyed and ate the cattle of the sun)