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Only if they get caught

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Q: Do Publix employees get in trouble for accepting tips?
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Can an employer in Penna take tips from employees?


Can a owner who is bartending accept tips from employees?

Receive tips FROM their employees??? If they wish to give themn to him I guess he can. On the other hand if he is requiring/forcing/coercing him to turn their tips over to him he may be in conflict with state laws as well as tax laws.

Is it illegal for the owner of a restaurant to keep the tips that the employees earn? is illegal

Does Starbucks allow its employees to get tips?

Absolutely. And read the recent newspapers (March 2008), a court said Starbucks was required to NOT include the managers in the splitting of the tips (which they had been doing), and pay the other staff a huge amount for the tips that the managers had already received! So, I guess while they allow tips for their employees and work team, they can only allow the actual tip to go to certain employees! >It depends if it is a corporate Starbucks or not (like tom thumb or target)

How much do Autobell employees get paid?

$7.25/hr (minimum wage) + tips. I make about as much an hour from tips as I get from my wage, so it's pretty sweet.

Should a restaurant's gross sales include tips given to employees?

I don't believe so; there are some serious legal problems when restaurants try to claim that tips should be part of what they take in, or when they try to enforce rules around tips.

Are the tips you give directly paid to the workers?

In some cases, yes they are given directly to the workers. In some cases however, the tips are pooled together between all of the employees and split.

How many employees does Metavante Technologies currently have?

Metavante Technologies has about 5,500 employees. It is a company that provides financial technology services, consulting advice and tips on navigating financial regulatory advice.

Where can I find tips on hiring good employees for my at home software design business?

There are tips online at Basically, you need to do a good, thorough vetting of their employment history and references.

What are the minimum wage laws for Texas waiters who receive tips?

In Texas, the minimum wage for tipped employees is $2.13/hour.

What are some tips for dating someone with kids?

The biggest thing that you need to understand is that they are a package deal. You have to get along with the child or children and you have to accept them just like you are accepting their mother.

By law employees must report to the government the tips they receive if the amount received in a month is equal to or greater than what amount?


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