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Not as such, no. Many would cite the sacrament of Confirmation as a coming of age sacrament. Among other things, Confirmation puts a permanent character on the soul and gives the soul special graces in order to strengthen it that it might be able to better live the Christian life and witness the Faith in the world.

Confirmation, however, is not a coming of age sacrament per se even if it is understandably perceived that way in the West. It is usually administered to children around the age of 13 and has become a typical part of grade 7 or 8 Catholic School Religious education. This is for reasons of convenience as well as the Western judgment that children at this age are capable of understanding the sacrament and know their catechism well enough to be able to use the graces it supplies. Confirmation though can be received at any age, and because of the special mark it impresses upon the soul, young children in danger of death can receive the sacrament from even a priest in order to give them more glory in heaven. In the Eastern Rites, Confirmation is commonly given at birth in tandem with baptism.

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Roman Catholic AnswerUkranian Catholics ARE Roman Catholics, so NO, they Mass if not like Roman Catholics it is Roman Catholic.

Do non-Catholics have to convert to marry in the Roman Catholic Church?

No, they do not have to convert. However, they do have to agree to raise any children as Catholics.

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There are numerous Catholics in the Netherlands.

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You need to tell your sins to a priest in a Roman Catholic ritual of confession.

What is a roaman church?

Roman Churches usually refer to Roman Catholics. Roman Catholics use a different method of worship compared to Christians.

What is the difference between Macedonian Greek Catholics and Roman Catholics?

Roman Catholic AnswerThere is NO difference. The Macedonian Greek Catholics are Roman Catholics ever bit as much as Latin Rite Catholics are. The Latin Rite is much bigger, and more familiar to those of us in the west but they are equal in the Church.

What's the difference between Anglo and Roman Catholicism?

This is a nickname for the most extreme elements of the High Church faction in the Church of England, which corresponds to the Episcopalians in America. Typically, Anglo-Catholics have attached much importance to ritual and to the priesthood, which is seen as the 'officer caste', as it were. They have tended to imitate the Roman Catholics, but they don't give allegiance to the Pope.

Why is the Vatican so important to the Roman Catholics?

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Why are Northern Irish Catholics encouraged to have at least 10 children by the Church of Rome?

Roman Catholic AnswerNorthern Irish Catholics are not encouraged to have any specific number of children by the Church. It is not the "Church of Rome", is the Catholic Church, whose headquarters are in Rome.

Why are Catholics called Catholics/Roman Catholics?

The seat of Catholocism is in Rome because this is where the Pope (who is the leader of the world's Catholics) resides there.

How many Roman Catholics are there?

There are currently about 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide.

What religions are practiced in Illinois?

Catholics, Protestants, Roman Catholics and Christians.

Are both Roman Catholics and Byzantine Catholics under the pope?


Why do Catholics worship on wafers?

Roman Catholic AnswerCatholics do not worship on wafers.

What are the differences between Roman Catholics and Coptic Catholics?

Roman Catholics follow the Roman Rite and subscribe to a Western spirituality (more scholastic thinking). Whereas Coptic Catholics follow the Alexandrian Rite, subscribe to an Eastern (Eastern European, not Oriental) spirituality (more mystic thinking), and are their own sui iurus Church; both the Roman Catholics and the Coptic Catholics (as well as the other 21 Eastern Catholic Churches) are in full communion with the Roman Pontiff (the Pope).

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