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Umm I think so because fako realizes that that sana and hayoma love each other.

also In the maga as soon as fako brakes up with hayoma he finds sana and they get back together and get marred and all that stuff.

but in the show they go on that roof and hayoma kissed sana and sana hits hayoma with the malit they don't realy say to each other that they like each other they just say after he get his black belt they need to tell each other something their is not realy a end to the show i liked it but that's jusy my opin.

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Yes, in the anime "Kodocha," Sana and Akito become a couple by the end of the series. Their relationship develops throughout the show, leading to a romantic conclusion.

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Q: Do Sana and akito go out at the end of kodocha?
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What episode does akito get a girlfriend in kodocha?

Akito goes out with Fuka in episode 57. To be her fake boyfriend, so she won't lose face to her old friends. Later on in the series she starts to develop feelings for him but she knows that Akito loves Sana and Sana does too. So she breaks up with him and Sana and Akito go out with each other, this time with real love.

Does akito dump fuka?

No. Fuuka lets him go to Sana. It was Fuuka who dumped him.

What episode does Sana go back to Japan in Kodocha?

Episode 83. If you watch episode 82 it'll show you what happened back in japan after sana and naozumi went to new york.

Which anime is simular to gakuen alice?

Kodomo no Omocha (or commonly called Kodocha) is similar to GA in terms of the romance. It stars Sana, who is a bright, sunny, and happy girl. She's a popular children's show star, and has a few secrets of her own. She becomes very good friends with Akito while helping him and his family come back together. They fall in love and go through struggles together.

Where can you watch kodocha?

Try or, if that doesn't work, go on youtube! i found out it doesn't work if you just type in kodocha in the search box. You have to find specific people who post kodocha and go to their channel and watch them.

Does Shigure like Kenichi?

Yep! In the manga, they actually do end up together since in the manga Akito is actually a woman. I think in the manga, Shigure already liked Akito before it was actually obvious though... Spoiler! XD Shigure probably liked Akito before it was obvious because he was one of the few that knew Akito was actually a woman.

What nicknames does Fatima Sana Shaikh go by?

Fatima Sana Shaikh goes by Sana.

How can akito brake the curse?

Akito herself cannot just decide to break the curse one day. Although she does have to let go of her ties to the zodiac which is hard for her

What nicknames did Divya Bharti go by?

Divya Bharti went by Sana.

How many manga chapters are there in kodocha?

There is 104 episodes the first 51 episodes are dubbed and 52-102 are subbed and i can't find 103 and 104 if you don't believe me go to anime international's website it has kodocha's episode guide.

How do you get out of the sana in Nancy drew?

If you go to it will give you walk throughs to any game!

In which t book does momiji protect tohru from akito?

im pretty sure its book 6 because it happens when the go to the hot spring for white day.