Do Spotted hyenas live in the Sahara?

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No, their range is all of sub-Saharan Africa except for the Congo Basin.
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Where do hyenas live?

In Africa Other species of Hyenas also live in Asia, Middle East, India. Africa, Asia, Middle East, India

Where do brown hyenas live?

Brown hyenas live in dens. They like places like the Savanna, densare built in sandy areas, near rocks. Mostly At Parts In South Africa And Kenya. They Are Also Found In Botswana, Cameroon And Tazania

What part of Africa do hyenas live in?

I think that they live in the southern part of Africa and they can also be founded in semi-dry deserts. *Sub-Saharan Africa, Northern and Eastern Africa*

Hyenas will hunt live prey?

Yes, they do go in groups to take down their own prey. Individually they kill offspring too.

Why are spotted hyenas endangered?

Spotted Hyenas are endangered because of the things that eat the hyena. For example: Even though they like to eat baby lion cubs the parents protect them and kill the hyenas. Another example: US! us humans are killing them and when we put them into the zoos we are taking away more and more from the ( Full Answer )

What countries do hyenas live in?

Three of the four species of hyena are restricted to sub-Saharan Africa, where they live in drier environments such as savannah, bushland and desert. The fourth species, the Striped Hyena, is found in northern and eastern Africa as well as in Asia from the Middle East to India.

Where to buy Spotted Hyena?


Do hyenas live in the US?

hyenas do live in the us and they live in grasslands and woodlands and mountains up 3721 feet and they will eat you if you scare them and they run very fast up 50 miles an hour and they are meat eaters .

What biome do hyenas live in?

Hyenas are known to live in forests, grasslands, or savannas, andprefer dry climates. They also like mountainous areas, as well ashills.

Height of the spotted hyena?

Adults measure 95-165.8 cm (37-65.3 in) in body length, and have a shoulder height of 70-91.5 cm (28-36.0 in)

Will hyenas will hunt live prey?

Depends upon the type of hyena: . The largest, the spotted hyena, also known as the laughing hyena, hunts and kills up to 95% of its food. The remainder is scavenged, but it is first and foremost a hunting predator. It hunts in packs at night, which enables it to bring down prey much larger than ( Full Answer )

Who lives in the Sahara?

The Berber people still presently live in the Sahara as well asmillions others who reside in cities and towns of the Sahara, suchas Cairo, Egypt.

How can you stop spotted hyenas from going extinct?

Spotted hyenas are Conservation Dependent according to the IUCN Red List. This means that they are not endangered, or even threatened. In the short term they are in little danger of becoming extinct, in fact they are probably the least threatened of all the large mammalian carnivores in Africa . Ho ( Full Answer )

Were does a hyena live?

Most hyenas live in the African Plains, but you can find plenty in most zoos.

Do hyenas live in caves?

Hyenas live in deserts and savannahs of Africa. They no longer livein caves but the ones that were around during the Ice Age did.

How much does it cost to buy a spotted hyena?

i believe it is indeed illegal to buy such an animal --------- i don't believe this is true. ive looked around the internet and all i see is if you have a LICENSE its perfectly legal. I'm sure this varies in states and im not sure if you could own all breeds of hyena either.

Why do hyenas have spotted fur?

The spots help them blend in with their surroundings and break uptheir outlines, making it easier to stalk up on prey.

What is the average weight for a spotted hyena?

The Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta) also known as Laughing Hyena, is a carnivorous mammal of the family Hyaenidae, of which it is the largest extant member. Though the species' prehistoric range included Eurasia extending from Atlantic Europe to China, it now only occurs in all of Africa south of th ( Full Answer )

How many spots does a spotted hyena have?

The amount of spots on a hyena depends on which spotted hyena your looking at. Hyena's are the same as cheetah's in the respect that each and every one of them has a different amount of spots which are all different sizes!

What adaptations does a spotted hyena have?

The spotted hyena has a lot of adaptations they laugh when they are being chased or attacked. The spotted hyena has very powerful jaws that can crunch large bones. They also have long tounges to lick ants of bark of trees.

Do spotted hyenas hunt in packs?

Hyenas live in clans of up to around 90 individuals, and yes, will hunt in packs, but also alone.

What is a spotted hyenas niche and habitat?

A hyenas niche is to eat animals and keep the population of other animals in its ecosystem balanced. it lives in Africa, South of Sahara Desert, in Open plains and woodland, but never true forests.

Do hyenas live in groups or alone?

Of course they travel in groups. They gotta satisfy their hormonal needs and they can't do it alone like humans can!

What class is a hyena live in?

Their class is Mammalia, But if you mean as in like cat or dog they are Feliformia/Felidae.

How do spotted hyenas catch their prey?

Hyenas are scavengers, they do not hunt and capture their own prey but wait round for some predator to kill something and they then come and eat the leftovers. Wrong, Hyenas kill 70-95% of their prey and are more successful hunters than Lions. Hyenas may kill small prey like rodents by breaking ( Full Answer )

What defense mechanisms does a spotted hyena have?

Their size, relatively bad tempers, huge crushing jaws, loud, intimidating cackle, and their bold attitude. A clan of hyenas won't hesitate to take on one or two or three lions (depending on the size of the clan) and drive them off of a kill.

Do hyenas live in dens?

sometimes only when they are raising pups. i might have to look that up in a book or ask someone who studies them for a living.

Does a hyena live in Africa?

There are three types of hyena, spotted, brown, and striped. The brown hyena is found in southern Africa, the spotted hyena in central, east and west Africa, and the stripped hyena in northern Africa and Asia.

Can hyenas live in Florida?

yes hyenas can live in florida in fact time to time in my town in florida hyenas are spotted

Are spotted hyenas mean to other animals?

In the context of whether hyenas actively hunt other animals, absolutely yes! Hyenas are not just scavengers, they're hunters as well and have been known to often take down other animals like warthogs, wildebeest, zebra, meerkats, lions, young rhinos, young hippos, elephants, giraffes, baboons, monk ( Full Answer )

Do hyenas steal live prey?

A group of Hyenas are quite capable of hunting their own food prey, though will scavenge a lion's kill if given the chance. If enough hyenas arrive at a lesser number of lions at their kill, the hyenas have been known to drive the lions off their kill for themselves.

Can hyenas hunt live prey?

yes, they can. they actually have more jaw strength than a lioness but they just don't use it because they are more like dogs. scavengers by choice. its a lot easier to scavenge than to kill it yourself lol

Which is stronger a spotted hyena and gray wolf?

A gray wolf would be stronger. The reason behind this is that hyenas are not animals that often attack directly their preys. They tend to attack weaker animals or eat the already dead ones and they never attack alone because they get scared very easily Wolfs on the other hand are taller and hyen ( Full Answer )

Where does the Sahara live?

It is located in the northern portion of Africa, and it covers Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, Sudan, and the disputed territory Western Sahara.

How are gray wolves and spotted hyenas the same?

They live in family groups. They hunt in packs. Only the dominant female is permitted to have offspring. Their families have strict pecking orders and each one familymember has a specific position in the pack. Both are top predators in their habitats. Both are keystone species.

What is a baby spotted hyena called?

A baby spotted hyena is called a cub. Usually a hyena gives birth to two or three Cubs at a time. Interestingly, Cubs of dominant females are more aggressive than Cubs of lower ranking females.