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Q: Do The Earth and Moon both exert a gravitational force on each other?
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Does the earth and the moon exert a gravitational force on each other?

no they don't

What force do the sun and the moon exert on the earth?

They exert Gravitational Force on each other. It is a force which is directly proportional to Mass of the object

Why do both the sun and the moon exert a greater gravitational force on one side of the earth than the other?

The gravitational force depends on the distance.

Out of the Sun Earth the Moon and a Book which one exert the stronget gravitational force on you?

The Earth exerts the greatest gravitational force on you because it is the most massive object you are closest to. The Earth exerts a force equal to your weight. The other objects exert gravitational forces but are not very noticeable because they are either low in mass or separated from you by great distance.

Why do the earth and the sun exert on the other?

I assume you mean, why do they exert gravitational attraction. ANY object with mass, so any object, exerts such a force on ANY other mass.

How does the earths radius affect the gravitational force on a object at its surface?

The Earth and the object exert a gravitational force on each other, but only the Earth's is big enough to measure. So, the formula for gravitational force include the distance from one body's surface to its center and the same for the other body. The length of the radius is directly proportional to the body's gravitational force.

Why does earth exert such a strong force of gravity?

Answer #1: A gravitational force exists between every two masses. Answer #2: When you hold something in your hand and then let go of it, what usually happens to it ? What does this tell you ? Yes, Earth does exert gravitational force on anything with mass.

Do two objects exert gravitational force on each other?


The force that objects exert on each other because of their masses?

Gravitational Forces

Earth exerts a gravitational force of 7000 N on one of the communications satellites What force does the satellite exert on earth?

7000 N. The force of gravitation is mutual, and is always equal on both members of a pair of masses.In other words, within my gravitational field, the earth weighs 185 pounds.

The force an object exerts on other objects is called?

This force is defined by Newtons third law: action and reaction.''To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions''This force doesn't have a name since it is depending on the object and the type of forces you are looking at. Fx. when you're driving the road exert a frictional force on you. But the earth exert a gravitational force on you and you a gravitational force on the earth.

Are objects on earth attracted to the earth but not to each other?

This is technically not true. All forms of mass exert gravitational attraction on one another. However, since the Earth is billions of times more massive than most objects, the gravitational force of the Earth is commonly seen. The gravitational force between a stapler and a computer monitor is not large enough to make the two objects fly across a room to get to one another. However, both do exert a gravitational attraction on one another.