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The Earth exerts the greatest gravitational force on you because it is the most massive object you are closest to. The Earth exerts a force equal to your weight. The other objects exert gravitational forces but are not very noticeable because they are either low in mass or separated from you by great distance.

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Astronomical objects such as the sun, the moon, and the Earth, would not be described by scientists as forces, although they do exert gravitational force. Of those three, the sun exerts by far the greatest amount of gravitational force. There are also larger astronomical objects, there are larger stars and also galaxies composed of billions of stars, which exert much larger amounts of gravitational force than the sun does, so the sun would hardly exert the strongest force in our universe. It does exert the greatest amount of force in our solar system.

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The Sun and Earth, the gravitational force is what makes our orbit in place

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Q: Out of the Sun Earth the Moon and a Book which one exert the stronget gravitational force on you?
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What force do the sun and the moon exert on the earth?

They exert Gravitational Force on each other. It is a force which is directly proportional to Mass of the object

True or false The Moon orbits Earth and not the Sun because the Sun doesn't exert a gravitational force on the Moon?

False. The sun does exert a gravitational force on the moon.

Does the earth and the moon exert a gravitational force on each other?

no they don't

Do The Earth and Moon both exert a gravitational force on each other?


Why does the moon exert a lower gravitational force than the earth?

The moon is smaller than the Earth.Therefore it has a lower gravitational force. Don't you know this?

Why do both the sun and the moon exert a greater gravitational force on one side of the earth than the other?

The gravitational force depends on the distance.

Because the sun is so far away it does not exert a gravitational force on the earth?


If the moon were twice as far from the earth as it is now the gravitational force it exert on the earth would be?

half its present value

Why does the sun exert more gravitational force on mars than on earth does?

The sun has more mass than earth.

Why does Earth exert a sgronger gravitational force than the moon?

The bigger an object's mass is, the bigger its gravitational pull is. Earth's gravitational pull is larger because it has a bigger mass.

Does earth the moon and sun have gravity?

Yes, they have gravity. In fact, anything that has mass will have a gravitational force - the more mass a body has, the more gravitational force it will exert.

The moon orbits earth and not the sun because the sun doesn't exert a gravitional force on the moon True or False?

False. The sun does exert a gravitational force on the moon.