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Do Trina have any kids?

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How many kids does Trina have?

Trina has 1 child

Do trina have kids?


Does Trina have kids?

Trina has 1 kid by lil Wayne and 2 kids by jay z Another answer: she doesn't have kids *

Does Trina and Lil Wayne have kids?

Trina does not have any kids wit lil Wayne that's why they broke p because she didnt want kids and wanted to have kids wit her you wanna know how many kids lil Wayne has an the mothers of them type in how many kids does lil Wayne have

Do trina and lil wayne have kids?

she dont have kids

Why did khia say Trina can't have kids?

because when Trina was pregnant by weezy she had a miscarrage

Does rapper Trina have kids?

! Yes she has 2 kids but dosent want them in the famous world

Does Trina have a baby?

No she does not have any kids her sister has a huge business carrer in eurup and is taking care of her sisters daughter. in addition she would have a son by lil Wayne but she had a miscarrage

Do rapper Trina have children?

i'm unsure if she has any children or not.

What month was Trina born in?

Trina who?

Who did Trina have a baby with?

Trina has no children.

Does Lil Wayne got a kid with Trina?

no lil Wayne only hot nomore then 4 kids

What is the birth name of Trina Martelli?

Trina Martelli's birth name is Trina Rizzo.

What is the birth name of Trina McGee?

Trina McGee's birth name is Trina McGee.

What is the birth name of Trina Koning?

Trina Koning's birth name is Trina Koning.

Does Trina have herpes?

no Trina doesn't have herpes.

How tall is Trina?

Trina is 5' 2.

Where does Trina live?

trina lives in miami

Does Trina worship the devil?

Trina is a Christian

What is the birth name of Trina Braxton?

Trina Braxton's birth name is Trina Evette Braxton.

Does Trina have any plastic surgery?

Trina openly discusses her plastic surgery and feels it's worth it for the confidence it brings. She has had a buttocks implant, among other surgeries.

How many siblings do Trina have?

How many siblings do Trina have?

How tall is Trina Parks?

Trina Parks is 5'9".

Do Trina have aids?

no Trina does not have aids

How old is ''trina'' from victorious?

Trina from Victorious is 17 years old,when she was 1,Tori was born.

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