Do UK crime documentaries eg Street Wars glorify crime to provide entertainment or do they make the public aware of ongoing crime in the UK?

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thy make the police seam as if thy have a 100% success rate
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What is a crime?

Answer A crime is based upon a societies idealisms of right vs. wrong. If an action is considered wrong by a group then in totality they will label it a crime. ........... Societies , citizens do not decide what / which is a crime _ This ability has been usurped by Politics . . . Government / Polit ( Full Answer )

Why do people commit street crimes?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThey are not able to obtain funds through jobs. Some are too lazy to work and want a quick buck without having to work for it. Others do it to finance drug habits.

Is there a lot of street crime in Israel?

Very little.. People walk up and use ATM's without and second thought and even count their money in the street.. Bus drives handle cash and give change.. You can sit in the front seat of a taxi, no barrier between the front and back seats of the cab, Now, how bad can it be? . not more then a ( Full Answer )

Is light pollution a crime in the UK?

Light pollution is not a crime yet, but buildings should atempt to reduce it.. Light pollution is still a crime against the environment.

Is adultery a crime in the UK?

No, adultery is not a crime in the UK. However, if an adulterer was to claim otherwise under oath in court proceedings, they would commit the criminal offence of perjury (telling lies in court). Such perjury has been the subject of several high-profile criminal cases in the UK. Bigamy (marrying ag ( Full Answer )

Is public intoxication a crime?

Yes. It is usually cited as "Being Intoxicated In The Public Way" just like you wrote, or can be a part of other offenses. All state, and even all cities, have a public intoxication law; some are different than others; but always being drunk in public is an offense.

How bad is crime in the UK?

crime in the UK is very bad because most of the time people always die or end up with lots of injuries. this is because there are always Guns,Knifes and other dangerous equipments involved.

What is the crime?

it is an action that breaks the law, also when u don't follow the rules and breaks them .

How does crime on the street could be stop?

There are so many ways that can happen but with so many people thinking they are better then others it makes it hard for it to happen. If there was a first time offender law stating that the first time you break the law as an adult as long as it isn't something real serious or major you are automati ( Full Answer )

What UK crime saga was gritty?

The TV Series Rebus is an adaptation of the Inspector Rebus books - which are a series of detective novels by Ian Rankin (a Scottish author). The novels are based on the title character Detective Inspector John Rebus with most set in and around Edinburgh.

Is the section 139 offence a conduct crime result crime or status crime in UK Law?

It's a status crime: the actus reus prohibits the public possession ("having") of a bladed or sharply pointed article (including a folding pocketknife if the blade is more than 3" long): s. 139(1), (2) and (3) . It is not a conduct crime, because the crime does not require proof of any act (or ( Full Answer )

What is a war crime?

A war-crime is a crime that goes against the international rules of war set by the Hague (believe it or not it has rules) for example using child soldiers

What is crime rate in UK compared to crime rate in US?

Britain has a higher crime rate than the US. About 60 Britains could fit in the US, and the US has about 5 timesa higher population than Britain so of course the crimes would be ahigher number, but when you put it too even weighings, Britainwould have a higher crime rate. Britain is 11% crime rate ( Full Answer )

Is failure to render assistance to a person in danger a crime in the UK?

Yes, it is. ----- Actually, no its not. In the UK there is no legal duty to be a hero and carry out acts of rescue. There may be a moral or public duty, but the law will not blame you if you do not act. However, in some specific cases, failing to render assistance can be manslaughter if the ( Full Answer )

What constitutes a serious crime in the UK?

Criminal trials in the UK are held either in the Magistrates' Court or in the Crown Court. In general serious crimes are tried in the Crown Court. This is because only the Crown Court has the power to impose a sentence of greater than six months (although the Magistrates may sentence for up to twe ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a crime and a war crime?

Well its illegal to kill a man. During wartime, its acceptable. But there are rules. You cant kill an unarmed man. Cant kill women and children. If a man surrenders, he is supposed to be taken as a P.O.W. If you break these rules it is considered a war crime

What makes a crime a crime?

Two acts... 1. The criminal act itself 2. The criminal INTENT There is a difference between bumping into someone and they fall down a flight of stairs and snap their neck and deliberately pushing someone down the stairs with the intention of killing him.

What is war crime?

A war crime is a violation of the law or custom of war. See the link I have posted in related links.

Why do you have crimes?

some say that as human beings, it is in our nature to rebel against the authority, and it is in some people's nature to do bad things like murders, rape and fighting. functionalists also belive that crime shows us what we should and shouldn't do.

What crime to be charged when nude in public?

In which country? Public nudity is not a crime everywhere (there are such things as nude beaches) but when it is a crime, the crime is called public indecency.

Crime in the UK can police charge you at home?

There are two ways in which the police start prosecutions in court: either by charge or by summons. In either case, the person involved is required by law to attend court at a time and place given to them. Generally, the police charge people in a police station either after they have been arrested ( Full Answer )

Should capital punishment be reinstated in the UK for serious crimes?

The country seems to be getting on fine without it. Moreover, it would be in violation of several international treaties the UK has signed onto. This says nothing about the impossibility of getting enough support for the idea in either the people or their representatives.

How do drugs affect crime in the UK?

1.Drugs massively fund terrorism which in term fund weapons for the terrorists which would be turned on our troops costing British lives. 2.Gangs sell drugs and fights often occur between these gangs or their customers even murder. 3.Drugs cause people to act differently and makes their head a blur ( Full Answer )

Is there a time limit on reporting a crime in the UK?

There is no time limit upon reporting a crime in the UK. But for some crimes, there is a time limit on whether that crime can be prosecuted in court. In the UK most crimes can be prosecuted regardless of the length of time that has elapsed since the were committed. This includes, for example, serio ( Full Answer )

What crime is more costly to the public?

Terrorism. Another View: Terrorism is an act of war, not a criminal offense. The crime most costly to public is burglary or larceny of personal goods. Original View: Terrorism isn't always an act of war, and you can get arrested if you're suspected to be planning it.

Why do people commit street crime?

there are loads of different reasons why people commit street crime as there is many types of street crime. there is robbery, murder, battering, slashing, drug dealing and more. robbery can be stealing someones purse,wallet, bag or other valuables etc phones or jewelry. they might have to do this ( Full Answer )

Why are public order crimes sometimes referred as victimless crimes?

Because in a "victimless" crime there isn't one particular victim, everyone in the community is a victim in some small part, or the victim is unknown. Example: A man sees a hooker working a street corner and offers to pay this adult woman for sex. That's prostitution. There is no victim. Both peop ( Full Answer )

Is it a crime to open other peoples mail in the UK?

Yes it is a crime to open other people's mail in the UK, this in interception of communications which is a criminal offence under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. This also applies to emails, phone calls and text messages. However, the crime is only committed if the mail is in the c ( Full Answer )

Is euthanasia a crime in the UK?

Euthanasia is against the law in the UK and, depending on thecircumstances, will either be treated as the criminal offence of'murder' or of 'manslaughter'. Assisted suicide is also a criminal offence under the Suicide Act.

When does true crime Hong Kong come out in the UK?

True Crime: Hong Kong 's release was delayed until 2011. Originally set to be released on November 1, 2010, it was announced the game would be delayed to allow further development.

When is conduct a crime and when is a crime not a crime?

The crime of inciting to riot can be ruled by some judges and jurisdictions to be carried out by an ABUSE of the freedom of speech- Someone shouting out Racial epithets at, say a ball game or boxing bout with the idea of Triggering a race riot- could be charged with inciting to riot- this is not the ( Full Answer )

Why street crime occures and who do this?

because of: a. poverty b. no or less education c. lack of government innitaitives d. poorness of law and order implementation authorities e. lack or weak functioning civil societies f. abuse of human rights g. bad habits (bad luck) to fall in the squad of 'bandits' h. greediness to earn money in a s ( Full Answer )

Is swearing in public a crime?

It is in many places in the US and the rest of the World. It is seldom enforced, though there was a successful prosecution in Michigan a few years back.

What was war crimes?

After the war, and the survivors of the Concentration Camps were sent to England and the United States, A War Crime Commission was formed to find out those German soldiers who were involved in killing the Jews including the babies who were confined in the concentration Camps and committed war crimes ( Full Answer )

How does the public report Federal crimes?

To report a Federal crime, you first need to decide what type of crime it is, such as: Arson, Fraud, Gun crimes, Tax fraud, terrorism and so on. You may go to the Attorney General's office in person, call them, or go to their website, where they have different links based on the type of crime you're ( Full Answer )

Where can one find information about youth crime in the UK?

One can find information about youths that commit crime in the United Kingdom by reading UK newspapers such as The Guardian. One can also find more detailed information about this topic by visiting the UK government website and examining the crime statistics for youth by month and year.

Is it a crime to wear a swastika in UK?

It's not illegal, but it is strongly frowned upon unless you'redoing it for a very good reason (like acting in a movie, orotherwise wearing a costume). People will likely assume you are aNazi and give you a hard time because of it.

What is crime?

A crime is an action that one takes that breaches or violates thelaw in some way. It can be from running a stop sign to robbing abank. In short, a crime is an illegal activity.