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Hi the answer is yes the radio is coded, you should find the code in your VW handbook .

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Can you replace a radio with a cassette player with a radio with cassette CD in a 1997 Buick Lesabre without worrying about some kind of theft code?

Yes, because you will be discarding your old radio anyway. If it were to have theft codes, they would be stored in the radio. Just toss your old radio, because it will be scrap. The theft code is usually in the radio itself - so if you buy a NEW CD/Radio or wahtever then if it does offer a theft code then you will have it. If you want to re-use the original radio , then you need to find its code and enter it to make it work.

What is the unlock code for your 1995 Mercedes Benz radio cassette player?

The experts told me that each cassette player has its own code, and it is written in the plastic card with the instruction mannual. But some technicians know how to disabbled it, and of course you , in that case, dont need the code anymore.

Radio codes for the 1994 960 Volvo?

You need to go to your local Volvo dealer to get the radio codes. Just unplug the entire radio/cd or cassette player and take it into the dealer. They can look up the radio id #'s and give you the unlock code

How do you fix the factory radio code on 2000 eclipse I let is sit a hour a then tryed to type in the code then hit the CD button but it would not come on I know I have the right code But I dont knowt?

If it is a 2000 Eclipse that has a CD player and a cassette, you need to put in the code and then press the Tape button, radio will come on right away.

I need radio code for Acura MDX 2002 Radio u3000L0789?

You need to get the radio code for an Acura 2002 radio u3000L0789 through Acura.

I need radio code for 1977 240d Mercedes?

The radio the 1977 240D is equipped with does not require a radio code. If you have an aftermarket radio, you will need to contact the manfucaturer.

Somebody can help me my radio pilot Honda 2004 need a code?

I needed the code for my radio about a month ago, I called my Honda dealer with my VIN and they gave me the code for the radio.

How do you reset the radio in a Mitsubishi montero with the code?

I need to reset my radio in a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport. I do have the code. But the radio is in OFF mode. I need to get it to CODE mode. Thanks

Mitsubishi eclipse radio code?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse radio code is the code that makes your radio work. You need to put this code in any time you disconnect the battery.

Radio code for Hyundai excel?

To get the radio code for the Hyundai Excel you need to request it from Hyundai.

Where can you obtain the radio code for your 98 Bonneville?

I need a code to unlock the radio in my 98 bonneville.

How can you get your Audi A6 radio off safe mode?

You need your operator's folder. In there is a booklet about the radio. it will have a code you need to enter to get the radio out of "safe" mode. the code is unique to each radio and car.

What is the radio code for a 1999 Saturn SC1?

1999 saturn sc1 , need radio code. 4 digit from radio is 1407

No manual for 1998 Honda crv replaced battery and need code to reset radio?

The code needed to reset the radio is the model number on top of the radio. The you must call a Honda dealer to get the code. If you are the original owenr or have the owners manual, the code may be in the written in the manual. i need to know how to enter the code on the radio the radio reads ERR 3

Why does the radio not go on after changing car battery?

You probably need a code to enter into the radio presets as it is a security radio. Without the code it will not function.

What size speakers are in a 2002 Hyundai accent?

i need code cassette for Hyundai accent 2002 ..please

Do you need a radio code to replace the factory radio with a new CD player in a 1999 grand prix?

No, you dont need the code if your gonna put in an aftermarket deck. The only time you would need the code is if you took the stock radio out and unpluged the harness, so its not a problem with a new radio.

How do you unlock the radio on a 1993 geo prism?

You need the radio unlock code in the radio manual

Need Radio unlock code for an 1998 acura tl 2.5?

underneth your ashtray there are numbers on it they are your radio code

Where to find the radio code on 2008 Honda Element?

I need a radio code for my 2008 honda element sc?

How do you input radio code for Holden viva?

holden viva 2006 radio how unlock

What is the radio code for a 1998 Honda Accord?

The radio code is specific to that radio,you will need to contact the dealer with the radio serial number,and they can look it up for you. There is usually a charge for this

What is the radio code for a 1996 VW GTI 2.0?

Every radio has it's own code. You need to go to a VW dealer and they will get the code for you by removing the radio. It shouldn't cost anything to do this unless there is a problem and they need a mechanic to help.

What is the radio reset code on a 2002 ford focus?

The reset code is specific to the radio. Look in and on the glove compartment for the code and in the owners manual. If it is not there you need the serial number of the radio and have to call the dealer for the code.

What is the unlock code and steps to take to unlock a 2004 Chevy Malibu radio?

The unlock code for the radio is different for every radio. You will need to find the serial number on the radio and call the dealer for the unlock code.

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