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in the UK the top of the range vw cars come with air conditioning as standard, but they have started installing air conditiong as standard on all of there cars

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Q: Do VW cars have air conditioning?
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How many cars in the UK have air conditioning?

most of the cars nowadays have air conditioning ........

How do you unclog my cars ac lines?

You can unclog your cars air conditioning lines by disconnecting the lines and blowing air through them. It may be just as easy to purchase air conditioning lines.

Can you get carbon monoxide poisoning from your cars air conditioning?

No rofls.

What fuse is for the heater air conditioning fan for a 1995 vw jetta?

Fuse 19

Where is the low pressure port on a 1991 VW Jetta so that one can recharge the air conditioning?

The 1991 VW Jetta low pressure port can be found on the air conditioning compressor. There are two ports, the low pressure port will be labeled as such.

Do you need a permit to work on cars?

On some systems (such as air conditioning).

What did cars used to be like?

they didn't have air conditioning or Cd players

Where is the low pressure port for recharging the air conditioning on a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T?

Your 2001 VW Jetta low pressure port can be found on the left side of the air conditioning compressor. The low pressure port is for recharging the air conditioning.

Can you use a cars air conditioning unit to cool the air inflow for engine?

No, it's not intended for that .

Does a car need air conditioning in Mississippi?

No cars "need" air conditioning. It is a personal preference of the owner. Most people would want air conditioning in their car as an option. Mississippi's hottest day was 115 degrees!

What do a cars have now that they didn't use to have?

Air-Conditioning. Mirrors. Fuel Injection. ......

Are there any problems running a cars air conditioning 6 hours or longer?


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