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If the want to drive their parents care legally - yes !

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Q: Do a 30 year old living with their parents have to be attached to their automobile insurance policy?
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Can a 25 year old person be on their parents' auto insurance?

Sure, if your parents will want you attached to their policy, and if you are living with them.

What exactly is freeway insurance?

Freeway insurance is an insurance company like any other. They provide insurance for automobile and RV and motorcycles. They can be found at their website:

How old can a child be and stay on parents health insurance?

It depends, I am 20 and still on my parents insurance, But i am also a full time student. I also have to say that I am still living in my parents home.

If your parents have insurance and your living with them do you have insurance on the cars?

Technically yes, the insurance goes straight to your family. But you can't tamper with it unless you have an ID and your parent's permission.

Does a teen driver have to be insured if living at home?

Yes a teen have to be insured if living at home. The teen would have to be under the parents insurance.

What is the Age limit for children on parents car insurance if living in household?

In Texas all drivers living in the household must be listed or excluded.

Can married teenagers living at home go on parents insurance?

This is not a legal question, but a question about the insurance policy. However, most insurance policies no longer allow children to be dependents if they are married.

How did Jimmy Clausen's parents earn a living?

His dad was a college football assistant coach, but then he started his own insurance company.

Can you qualify for Medicaid if you are pregnant and living with your parents and their insurance does not cover maternity?

The only way to answer that is by calling Medicaid and asking them if you qualify.

Can you use your parents' insurance policy to cover a car that's in your name?

Insurance Coverage on a Parents policy? Yes, So long as you are also listed by name as a covered driver on your parents Policy and your parents have an insurable interest in your vehicle. If you are a minor or a dependent still living at home then you might be able to get insurance cheaper through your parents than you could seperately. You "by name" would need to be added along with your vehicle to your parents policy to be an insured driver.

Four ways in which an automobile is not a living thing?

an automobile doesn't... have cells reproduces grow and have a life span.

What is average cost of rent for one person living in home with parents?

between 25 and 50 dollars a week... that is what i paid my parents and i was on their car insurance and had food and showers and that was good for me...

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