Do a female gets wet a lot during a pregnancy?


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Yes, there is a increase in discharge during pregnancy.

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It doesn't mean anything, it's very common for pregnancy carrying both male and female babies.

Increased sneezing during pregnancy is very common. Mucus increases during pregnancy, not just in your cervix!

Your stomach will begin to get hard during your fifth month in pregnancy. Your belly gets hard when the skin stretches. This can cause markings so usea lot of lotion during this time.when your about three to four months

A pill to stop your pregnancy means you had an abortion.It is very normal to bleed a lot during an abortion, this is the pregnancy expelling itself.

No, many woman find they have a wonderfully clear complexion during pregnancy - but a woman with a male or female fetus can still suffer breakouts.

Get hit in the stomach yell lot

Yes, during pregnancy the uterus pushes against the bladder. thus the bladder can't hold as much urine and has to be relieve a lot more often.

it hurts a lot. ive had it happen to me...

eating too much salt and retaining a lot of water.

Yes. This from an article at "Many women experience heartburn for the first time during pregnancy

No. You need not have headaches during pregnancy. You please consult the gynaecologist. She will give some drug/drugs for your headache.

Yes, during the entire pregnancy because of the pressure of the uterus upon the bladder.

consider liver has a lot of iron

It does neither. I suppose it can help during intercourse, if you have problems with lubrication, as your body naturally produces a larger amount during pregnancy.

Yes it is possible. Some women have a lot of yeast infections during pregnancy while others can have a lot of UTIs. Usually thought UTIs are present during the third trimester, not the first. Do a pregnancy test and treat the UTI.

You need a lot of fluid during pregnancy. being dehydrated is likely the cause of your headaches

There is usually no reason not to have coitus during normal pregnancy. Read the link listed below for a lot of good information.

It's not uncommon, especially in the first trimester.

Yes it is okay to eat chocolate during pregnancy, as there is not a lot of caffeine in it yes, some people get cravings for it when they are pregnant and the baby is always fine.

Yes, for a lot of people it does, but for a lot of other people it doesn't

== == Frequent urination is a common symptom during pregnancy.

yes. my wife was pregnant with our son and i had terrible gas.

Yes they can get tired especially if they are carrying a lot of babies.

She might have a change of attitude or personality during pregnancy. Hormones can make this happen. A lot of pregnant women experience this symptom.

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