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eating too much salt and retaining a lot of water.

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Q: What does it mean when you have a lot of bloating during pregnancy?
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Is burping a lot along with nipple soreness and bloating a sign of pregnancy?

No its not, But if your nipple trail is brown then yes definitely

Sneeze a lot during pregnancy?

Increased sneezing during pregnancy is very common. Mucus increases during pregnancy, not just in your cervix!

Do a female gets wet a lot during a pregnancy?

Yes, there is a increase in discharge during pregnancy.

Is it normal to get horny during pregnancy?

That's not unusual a lot of women get horny during their pregnancy

If you pee a lot during your pregnancy does that mean you are having a boy or a girl?

It doesn't mean anything, it's very common for pregnancy carrying both male and female babies.

Is it safe to eat a lot of chips during pregnancy?


What happens to my baby if i have a lot of stress during pregnancy?


Is it normal to cry a lot during pregnancy?

yes that is perfectly normal

How do you loose your baby during pregnancy?

Get hit in the stomach yell lot

Is it normal to bleed a lot after taking a pill to stop your pregnancy?

A pill to stop your pregnancy means you had an abortion.It is very normal to bleed a lot during an abortion, this is the pregnancy expelling itself.

You are pregnant and after you eat you feel extremely full even if you eat light why is this?

There is a lot of bloating during pregnancy. I have found if I eat more meals but lighter I do not get the heartburn or nausea. Make sure you choose healthy foods and it will begin to subside. Ususally by the second trimester, for me.

Do all women have to pee a lot during pregnancy?

Yes, during pregnancy the uterus pushes against the bladder. thus the bladder can't hold as much urine and has to be relieve a lot more often.

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