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Yes - it's part of the 'courtship' ritual.

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Q: Do a male green anole suppose to bite female on neck when mating?
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What is the emotion of a green anole when its green?

Green is normal for a green anole.

How can you tell a male green anole from a female?


What is the life span of a green anole?

The life span of a green anole is 4-5 years but usually the male anole has a longer life span than a female life span. I hope that answers your question

How can you tell if your green anole male is ready to mate?

When a male green anole is ready to mate,he'll start bobbing his head and displaying or showing his red dewlap to the females.when he does this,he may even try to jump or chase at the females.when a female is ready to mate,she will try to put her head down allowing the male to grab her neck.then the male will stick his tail near the female's vent.then the mating will successfully take place.

What is the green anole's food chain?

A green anole food chain is primary

When was Cuban green anole created?

Cuban green anole was created in 1840.

What is the emotoin of a green anole when it is green?

Warmer temperatures, green foliage and dominant behavior make a Green Anole turn green.

How big can green anole lizards get?

5-8 inches is how big a green anole can get.

How do you know if a green anole lisard is a male or a female?

You can find out if your green anole by the size. Females are smaller than males. Try pulling the front part of his/her neck gently. If it has a red neck frill, it is a male.

How do you know when your green anole has laid her egg or eggs?

i know when they have eggs its when the female is always by the place she lad her eggs

What colors can a anole change to?

An anole can turn green, gray, black, and brown.

Do green anoles eat vegetables?

I have a Green anole for a long time and I have never tryed to give it. The answer would be no, a Green anole does not/would not eat vegtables .

Can you keep a Green Anole and a Chameleon in the same cage?

No. Chameleons cannot stay in the same cage as a anole (ANY ANOLE!) because the chameleon will eat the anole.

What do green anole lizards do when they are preganet?

Female anole lizards most of the time.... well.. I don't know. I just got my 2 anole lizards today and they both are females, though I can not tell if I have one that is pregnant... I will find out and hopefully and respond ASAP! :)

Is it bad if a green anole is brown?

I had a green anole for a long time and mine always turns brown. The answer would be no, it is not bad if a green anole is brown.P.S: Green means active and alert and brown means relaxed OR cold.

Why is the green anole a producer?

it isn't

Abiotic factors that affect the green anole?

what dose abiotic and abiotic mean to a ecosystem of a green anole

Do green Anole eat roaches?

Yes, the green anole do eat roaches. they will also eat crickets, fly's and other small bugs

What is the life cycle of a green anole?

what is the life cycle of an anole lizard

When a green anole die what color sould be?

It will most likely be brown if it dies from stress. But it could be green too. There is no specific color for a dead anole.

How do you know when a green anole is dying?

when it is black kinda and also green

What is a green anole?

A Greeen Anole is a lizard that's colour changes due to stimulants, emotion, and temperature.

Will a chameleon eat a green anole?


What should you name your anole?

Leafy Green!!

Can a bullfrog eat a green anole?