Anoles are a small - medium sized arboreal reptile ranging from just a few inches up to 22 inches. They range from North America - Asia. They are a very common reptile specie as they can be very affordable. They come in multiple different colors and through selective breeding; morphs are now available throughout the reptile hobby. Anoles range from climates that are hot with minimal shrubbery - very hot and damp rainforest climates. The most common anole being the green anole, they are often seen looking brown, as the pigments in the skin can lighten and darken depending on mood, stress and temperature.

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How can you tell a male lizard from a female lizard?

This depends on the type of lizard it is, but there are some general rules that apply to many species.

Female lizards tend to be longer and slimmer than males, lighter in weight, and have a smaller head than the males. In some species, the male is more brightly coloured, in order to attract the female, and often certain markings such as coloured throats will become more pronounced in colour during breeding season.

When looking at the underside of the lizard, males have a small bulge between the end of the abdomen and the tail. Also, the appearance of the femoral pores is different. Femoral pores are small openings lining the bottom of a lizard's legs. In males, they are located near the bulge at te base of the tail, generally in a 'V' shape, and darker in colour than the surrounding scaly skin. Female femoral pores cannot be seen as easily.

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What do green anole lizard eat and predators?

Green anoles usually eat small creatures like crickets and mealworms, but some anoles will lap up baby food or lick fruits. Then some green anoles will eat fruits, lettuce, cucumber cut into small pieces, plants, etc.

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Why do leaves look green?

The green color in leaves is caused by the presence of a compound called "chlorophyll," which the plant produces to do photosynthesis, which is how plants get energy from sunlight. The purpose of chlorophyll is to assist the plant in making food for itself by utilizing energy from sunlight and nutrients from the soil.

The chlorophyll is green because it absorbs red and blue wavelengths of light -- and so green is not absorbed and is reflected, making the plant look green to your eyes. Non-transparent things are the color they are because that is the color that is NOT absorbed -- the color you see is the color that is reflected... which is why you see it!

There are two basic ways by which we can see colors. Either an object can directly emit light waves in the frequency of the observed color, or an object can absorb all other frequencies, reflecting back to your eye only the light wave, or combination of light waves, that appears as the observed color. For example, to see a yellow object, either the object is directly emitting light waves in the yellow frequency, or it is absorbing the blue part of the spectrum and reflecting the red and green parts back to your eye, which perceives the combined frequencies as yellow.


How do anole lizards breathe?

Anoles have lungs like humans do. They have nostrils to bring in air to their lungs like humans do.


Can Green Anoles live with an iguana?



What do anole eggs look like?

They are really small and a dirty white color. They are about the size of the anole lizard's head.

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How long do Green Woodpeckers live?

up to 15 years


My anole lizard always puffs out his neck. Is that normal?

Yes, that is very normal. That is way to know if an anole is a male, if it shows a red neck flap. It uses that to attract females. He must have saw him self in a mirror and thought he was another female lizard.

He also does that to give you a sign he is going to poop.


Are anole lizards poisonous if eaten by pets or humans?



Can you put your leopard gecko with another?

Yes you can but, there are certain rules to this:

-A baby and an adult cannot be housed together (baby is food!)

-Two males cannot be housed together (very aggressive especially around females)

-Females of the same weight and size can be housed together. It's best to have 1 gecko per 10 gallons of space.


Can baby anoles and baby bearded dragon be in the same tank?

Nope - they are from completely different areas of the planet (Anoles are tropical species, Bearded Dragons are dessert species) they require totally different living conditions and temperature ranges !


Can you house a Hermit Crab with a Anole lizard?

yes you can house a hermit crab but not with a lizard


Can a whites tree frog eat a anole lizard?

Yes they can. Mine has just done it.


What season do anole lizards come out?

spring and summer


Can anoles live with other lizards?

Anoles are solitary animals in the wild and they don't need companions or friends. Its best to keep one anole lizard by itself then with another anole.

No two different species of lizards should ever be housed together. It is dangerous to their health. Disease spreads easier to different species and its common that they will fight.

If you must have another lizard housed with an anole then a house gecko would be the best. They are very similar in size and requirements. Be sure to do research on both before hand though.

well you are wrong anoles can live together

my name is maria gonzalez

school p.s 100

class 4-409


Where do Ball Pythons live?

The ball python is found Africa and is the smallest of all the African pythons.


Can small frogs and small green anoles live together in the same habitat?

yes, so I hear, it is ok to put other creatures in your anole habitat, just as long as they are similar in size and you have enough space for them all.

so i am 9 years old my name is maria and your anwer is correct because i have 19 lizards in school


Can a green anole live with a neon tree dragon?

I just bought a neon tree dragon(lizard) today at petco to live with my green anole and i asked the reptile lady at the store beforehand to make sure that they could and she told me that they should be able to since neither of them are aggressive, they aren't tooo much larger than one another, they eat the same things, and they also live in the same habitat type so i am just going to watch them to make sure that they dont fight or anything, but they should be good :)


What animals can live with anole?

I cant tell you


What can green anoles eat beside crickets that can be found in backyard?

waxworms, flies be-winged, any moving insect there

insectivores don't feed them meal worms their shell is two hard 4 the anole and the meal worm will fight back(i had 2) now i have 1


Is it normal for a green anole lizards tail to fall off?

No get help!


How do you Tell If a Female Anole Is Pregnant?

Anoles are egg layers. Occasionally when they are on the glass near their lamp and the light is passing through them, you may see an egg near their vent a day or two before they lay it. They do not get pregnant in the same sense as a mammal does though.


What is the taxonomis level do the bush anole and ferret diverage?



How much does an anoles cost at petsmart?

Bahaman anole lizards cost $4.00 at petsmart, and Green anole lizards cost $4.00 at petsmart, too. Helps?


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