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No, on the DX & HX it is not standard equipment but was a $1,099 option. On the LX & EX it was standard equipment.

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Q: Do all 2001 Honda civics come with air conditioning?
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Do all Honda Civics come with an alarm and remote for them?

Not all Honda Civics come with an alarm but I own a 1997 Honda Civic that came with a remote.

Do all Honda Civic's come stock with spoilers?

Many Honda Civics come stock with rear spoilers, but the older and cheaper Honda Civics will not come stock with rear spoilers because they were not invented back then.

What Honda Civics come with vtec?

Models that come with Vtech are EX (1.6L), VX (1.5L), SI (newer)

Could you put the bumper of a 2001 Honda Civic on a 2001 Honda Accord?

No, it will not even come close to fitting.

Did any civics come with vtech engines?

Many Honda Civics came with Vtech engines which greatly increased their power and performance. These engines were designed to run at very high revolutions to produce the most efficient power curve.

How come you suck in civics?

Im just bad

Where is the block heater plug on a 1990 Honda Civic SI?

The old Honda Civics didn't come with the block heater. It's an option or aftermarket...If your car is equipped with a block heater, it should be located in front or at the side of the radiator......

What Honda Civics have vtecs?

typically EX and Si. U can obviously do engine swaps, and put V-tecs in any civic or crx, delsol etc... also accords and suvs come with those.

What motor comes in 1996 civic hx?

HX Civics come with a D16Y5

How do you fix a 2001 Honda Accord EX when the brake lights will not come on?

check the fuse and all the light bulbs

2001 Honda Accord Radiator cooling fans won't come on?

Check the thermal relay for the cooling fans.

Does the Saab Aero x come with air conditioning?

Yes the Saab aero x does have air conditioning

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