Do all brands of bubble make the same size bubble?

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i dont know going to do a science fair project and when get the results, i will post them on here.
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What is a bubble?

okay, get some soap, a bowl,and some water. mix the soap andwater in the bowl.(dawn would be the best soap) blow through themiddle gently and...........BEHOLD!!! A BUBBLE!!!!!!!!!! this isthe worst answer ever!!!!

What brand of bubble gum blows the biggest bubble?

The following are differing opinions by various WikiUsers and expert bubblegum bubble blowers: . I have chewed a lot of different kinds of gum and I think that Hubba Bubba blows the biggest bubbles per one piece. It tastes good as you pop the biggest bubbles. . Sorry, but I beg to differ: In agr ( Full Answer )

What brand of bubble gum lasts longer?

Five gum lasts longer there for works better to keep your hunger away!!! . stride works better 5 IS THE ONE YOU NEED like the person about it said above, it does work better and it does keep your hunger away =] ! i think double mint last longer, that's just my opinion but the flavor goes ( Full Answer )

Does the size of the bubble depend on the brand of the bubble gum?

the size of the piece of gum does not effect the size of the bubble. Just because there is gum left in your mouth after you have blown the bubble does not mean that you need more gum. two different sizes of gum can blow the same size of bubble. so the size DOES NOT matter! Luckyduck2468 13:52, 1 ( Full Answer )

What makes bubbles?

Air that is blown in to the buble is kept in side only by a thin layer of liquid. So really it is air that makes bubbles.

What are bubbles?

A soap bubble is a spherical layer of soap film encapsulating air or gas. The film consists of a thin sheet of water sandwiched between two layers of soap molecules. One end of each soap molecule is hydrophilic, or attracted to water. The other end consists of a hydrophobic hydrocarbon chain that te ( Full Answer )

Does the thickness of a bubble bath liquid make more bubbles?

It depends. Technically, it should, if you compare similar quality brands, but if you compare a cheap brand that's really thick in concentration to a less thick but good brand, the less thick might make more bubbles. Try Softsoap(brand from an answer from another question)

How do you make bubbles?

first,get a container or something you can hold water in. . second, get some kind of soap that you can easily put in the water . third, put the soap into the container of water and shake it up. fourth, let it sit after shaking for 1 minute. . WALA THERE YOU HAVE IT!

How do you make a bubble?

You make a bubble by blowing into soap and water. If that's not the answer you were looking for.... too bad.

How do you do the bubbling?

put your head under the surface of the water, then exhale through your mouth then you can see bubbles coming out from your mouth! after doing so, put your head above the surface of the water to breathe in air. do it repeatedly until your pulse rate is lowered or until you are ready to swim for anoth ( Full Answer )

What are 'bubbles'?

Bubbles is a frog that died 4jp/lr at st.peters in Columbus Indiana it is one of the great school if you go there you well be awesome we need everybody we can get there

Do all dishwashing detergent produce the same amount of bubbles?

No, dish washing detergents do not produce the same amount ofbubbles. The cheaper brands will bubble for a while when fillingthe sink, but will disappear after a few dishes are washed. Dawn,Ajax, and Palmolive usually have bubbles left after all dishes arewashed.

Do all brands of bubble gum make the same bubble?

No. Im actually doing a science fair project on if the size of the bubble depends on the brand of the bubble gum. Im in the procees of doing this but havent finsihed yet.

What bubble gum makes a bigger bubble?

Hubba Bubba and Bubbalicious both allow the chewer to producelarge bubbles. But if you are asking what component it is, it isthe gum base. More or less of it decide how big your bubble willbe

What do you do to make bubbles?

Well U mix sunlight liquid, soap and water together in a bubble container. Then you start blowing!

How can you make bubbles?

There is the dish soap and water trick. Also, you can use the juice from chestnuts or anything else containing a large amount of "Saponine." If you bend pipe cleaners into a loop, that makes an okay bubble wand, by the way.

What is in a bubble?

Normally air is inside the bubble unless the bubble was the product of a chemical reaction then any kind of gas could be inside.

What are in bubbles?

Bubble solution is made from water, soap, and glycerin. Here's a recipe to make it at home: How to Make Homemade Bubble Solution

Do all bands of gum make the same size bubble?

No, all brands of gum do not make the same size bubble. Some brands of gum are chewing gum, such as Orbit, Juicy Fruit, and Wrigley. They still blow bubbles, just not nearly as big, and you have to be chewing multiple pieces to blow a bubble. Other brands of gum are bubble gum, and they are specific ( Full Answer )

What are 5 name brands of bubble gum?

Five name brands for bubble gum are.... - Orbit - Trident - Extra - Ice Breakers - Stride - 5 gum - Wrigley Those are 7 gum brands just in case you don't like a certain brand. Hope my answer helped!! :-)

Where are all the binweevils sws bubbles?

they are . Riggs Palladium . underneath Kips Scrapyard . Inside the shopping mall . Inks orange peel . Mulch Island at Ships maze . Dirt valley track 2 . Flem manor in the Crossword and Wordsearches room! and.... . Mulch Island . Shopping Mall . Gong Pipenest . Inks Orange ( Full Answer )

Which brand of bubble gum blow the biggest bubble?

Dubble Bubble because it was in the world records about this guy blowing a bubble as big as a car, from dubble bubble...\ . out of the many sites that i have visited and by asking my friends, the best gum for blowing bug bubbles are: Hubba Bubba, Bubble Yum, Bazooka, and Bubblicious.

Do all brands of bubblegum blow the same size bubble?

No it depends because if you get the gum from the party packs it can't really make a big bubble and the gum from gumball machines cant blow big bubbles either. But the 5gum can blow a big bubble so it depends on the brand and quality. So NO!

What brand of bubble gum produces the biggest bubble why?

(The last answer provided was found offensive due to: racism.) Hubba Bubba produces the biggest bubble because they've been making it for years, they've had time to research, and have the money to get the very best ingredients for it.

Why are bubbles different sizes?

Assuming you're discussing soap-bubbles... The size would be dependent on the amount of bubble solution, and the amount of air inside the bubble. The method for creating the bubble is rarely completely uniform, yielding bubbles of different sizes. The same would be true of any detergent bub ( Full Answer )

Does substance affect the size of the bubble?

Yes it does. When you blow a bubble you increase the pressure inside of it. So now we have a sphere with more pressure inside than out. The inside pressure pushes the skin of the bubble outward and stretches it. This is very much like hanging a weight from a rubber band. The rubber band stretches, ( Full Answer )

What sizes do bubble mailers come in?

Bubble mailers come in an infinite amount of sizes. One you can buy in stores are usually 4X8, 5X10, or 10X13. They also come in sizes such as 14X18.75, 15X32, and larger. Bubble mailers can also be special ordered to make them are large as you need.

Is there gas in all bubbles?

Yes because all bubbles contain air (which is composed of various gasses). or some other form of gas.

Why does gum blow bubbles and what makes the bubbles so big?

Many people chew bubble gum because they like to blow bubbles with it. The bubbles can be formed because the gum is very elastic and is able to stretch. The elasticity of the gum is what determines how big the bubble can get.

What are some red bubble gum brands?

Some of the best bubble gum brands are Dubble Bubble, Super Bubble, Bubble Yum and Bazooka. All of these gums are a dark pink to red color prior to being chewed. Generally they become lighter when chewed.