Do all flies lay maggots

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No flies lay maggots, flies lay eggs, these eggs will hatch into maggots.

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Q: Do all flies lay maggots
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Do maggots lay eggs?

Err no. Maggots are the beginning stage of flies. Flies lay the eggs, which then hatch into larve that later become Maggots.

How do maggots get in your house?

Flies lay their eggs and they hatch as maggots

If flies lay eggs that hatch into maggots do they then grow into another fly?

yes all maggots are is a baby fly.

Does the body turn into maggots?

No, maggots are young flies. Flies lay eggs in the body that hatch into maggots and the maggots eat the body as they grow.

What makes maggots appear?

Maggots are the larval stage of flies. Female flies lay eggs which hatch into maggots, and eventually change into flies to reproduce and complete their life cycle. Flies lay their eggs on dead animals, fecal material, and other sources of food for the maggots.

How fast do flies bread?

They lay larvae which then hatch into maggots and develop into flies

Why do maggots get into a bin?

Flies get into the bin to lay eggs usually attracted to meat carcasses. They lay eggs which develop to maggots so they can feed on the food in your bin and turn into flies!

Do maggots spin a cocoon to become a fly?

Maggots do not spin a cocoon to become flies. Flies lay eggs which maggots hatch from and then go through a complete metamorphosis.

Do Maggots came from meat?

no. but they appear when flies lay their eggs on foods. maggots turn into flys when they mature

Can maggots grow inside an unopened can of beans?

No, maggots are the larvae of flies that have hatched from eggs laid by the flies. Flies can lay eggs on beans inside a sealed can.

Do flies lay eggs?

Yes, flies lay eggs witch hatch into a larval phase referred to as maggots before becoming flies.

Do maggots eat dead bodies?

Yes, if flies can reach the body, they lay eggs on it and the maggots hatch and eat.

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