Do all humans have predisposition to addictive behavior?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Do all humans have predisposition to addictive behavior?
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What is default behavior in humans?

Humans have no default behavior in random. It all depends upon how the external stimuli comes.

What does it means to dream about drinking alcohol all the time or hiding it?

This suggests that the dreamer has an addictive behavior and will not admit it to themselves.

Why do humans crave cigarettes?

Humans crave cigarettes when they try them because of a product called nicotine, which is addictive. Plus, to keep business, cigarette companies add all sorts of addictive chemicals to make you not quit smoking.

What does meth do you?

It kills you. Ruins your brain, your teeth fall out, you age prematurely, and your behavior becomes violent and addictive to the drug. Not worth all the problems it does to you.

Is whiskey addictive?

All alcohol is addictive.

Do primates exhibit homosexual behavior?

All primates, including apes, monkeys, and humans exhibit homosexual behavior, which may or may not be genetically linked.The primates that show the most homosexual behavior are Bonobos followed by humans.

Is YoVille addictive?

All games can be addictive if you enjoy them.

Would be the humans individual chracteristics and behavior?

Happy, sad, mad and all the others

Which branch of economics focuses on how humans behavior affects all areas of the economy?


Is pipe tobacco addictive?

Yes. All tobacco is addictive.

Why are Nintendo DS so addictive?

They're not addictive at all