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No not all men do. It is normal either way, for a male to have or not have pre-ejaculatory fluid or "pre-cum."

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How long does it take a guy to precum?

As soon as he has an erection. Many men will precum multiple times.

Is it normal for a man not to precum at all?

Yes. This is completely normal, too. Hi, Men always have precum. When a man releases precum he doesn't know hes releasing it as it has no colour or odor and is very difficult to see. Basically precum is released when a man becomes sexually aroused and prior to ejaculation. Precum does contain sperm.

Why men have white shiny spots in their underwear?


If you get a wet patch at the end of your penis when you are sexually aroused is this precum and is it normal?

Yes, this sounds like precum. It is very common with teenagers but gets less common as you get older. It's very, very normal. Precum cleans out the urethra so sperm can pass through safely. Precum happens to men regardless of age.

I was fingering a girl. Stuck my fingers on my penis. Didn't ejaculate. Not sure if there was precum. Could I have gotten her pregnant from the precum on my fingers If there was indeed precum...?

Chances of pregnancy are essentially zero, if all you had on your fingers was a little precum. Precum itself contains no sperm. Sometimes, if the urethra has left-over sperm in it from a prior ejaculation, then precum can contain some sperm cells. But it would be difficult (but not impossible) to cause a pregnancy with this.

Does precum come out during sex?

Yes, precum may come out during intercourse. Precum acts as a natural lubricant during intercourse. Though you don't have to be engaging in intercourse to eject precum. If a guy becomes aroused he may emit precum.

Could you get pregnant if you had protected sex and then later that night had unprotected sex but he didn't ejaculate at all the second time?

Yes you can, weather he ejaculates or not, there is still precum (he has no control over this at all), precum contains sperm and sperm can impregnate you.

Can you get pregnant if a guy just sticks his penis in your vagina?

Yes you can guys precum alot before they actually cum and they precum just from beiing excited although the chances of getting pregnant from precum aren't that high it has happened inorder for their to be sperm in precum they have to have cam with out useing the bathroom after

Why does sperm come out for no reason?

When it is coming out would have to be considered. It may simply be precum. It take very little for some men to become aroused.

Does Precum have Semen in it?

Precum is semen. What you're probably wondering about is the actual sperm, and yes, it does.

Could you get pregnant if your boyfriend didn't have a condom on but before he cums he pulled out?

There is a chance because men can still release "precum" without knowing and it can have sperm in it

When does pecum come out?

you mean precum? when its erect.

Is it possible to be pregnant if you weigh 115 pounds and you have not put on weight and it would be the 32nd week of the pregnancy but only precum got on the outside of the vagina by a finger?

it is possible, after all it only takes one stray sperm and their are plenty in precum, but it is not likely. Go to the doctor to be sure.

Does something come out before the semen?

ya precum

My boyfriend and I were fooling around and his penis entered my vagina not all the way just the tip.He did not ejaculate but I am worried about the precum. The next day I started my ovulation too?

Your probably fine. As far as precum goes, yes it is possible but the fact that it did not enter very far makes it even less likely that you could be pregnant. I would say there is a 99.999999999% chance that there is nothing to worry about. Yes there is a risk with precum but it is negligable.

Is it normal to precome during passionate kissing but still being flaccid?

I'd say yes. It's not really a precum but the lubricant that helps the semen slide without friction during ejaculation. Some people call it precum but it contains no semen at all... only lube. =)

Is it possible to become pregnant if there was nothing fluid-like on your hands or your partner's and he gave you a hand job and can you feel pre-ejaculate?

No its not possible to be pregnant hun. You cant always see precum. The best way to explain precum is as a fluid which is released from the guys penis when hes sexually aroused and his penis becomes erect. The guy cant feel hes losing precum. Precum looks shiny but is difficult to see.

Does pulling out always avoid pregnancy?

No. Sometimes precum has semen in it.

If he did not go all the way in could you be pregnant?

I learned this in sexual education the other day. If it doesn't go in all the way, you can still get pregnant from precum which still contains sperm.

What are your chances of getting pregnant from pre ejaculatory fluid?

It depends. Precum itself actually has no sperm, but it depends on when the guy last ejaculated. If it was within 72 hours of contact with his precum your possibility is higher.

How can you tell if or when a guy pre-cums?

Pre-cum or pre-ejaculate is the small amount of fluid that flows out of the head of the penis during sexual interaction or arousal. Because the appearance is clear-whitish and is released in such small quantities it's often hard to determine whether he has 'pre-cumed. As far as the male is concerned, men cant control when they precum or how much they precum so asking him is useless. Be aware- Precum contains live sperm. MANY women get pregnant each year from their partner releasing pre-ejaculate fluid.

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy's penis is only a half of an inch in and he doesn't ejaculate in her and didn't pop her cherry?

Yes there is a very veryslim chance of pregnancy occuring. A mans penis contians precum which is released when he is sexually aroused. If this precum comes into contact with a girls vagina then as the precum contains active sperm there is a chance of coneption occuring.

Can a girl get pregnant by just a half a finger tip of pre come?

No. A woman/girl can not get pregnant from any amount of precum. The area of the mans body that produces precum has nothing to do with the testicles that release actually sperm. The only way you could get pregnant from precum is if you have sex more then one time and he does not urinate between those times. Urinating will sterilize and clean out the inside of the penis and any sperm left in the penis will be eliminated. It's all scientific and it works.

Your husband always pulls out can you still get pregnant?

ya you can its called precum

Can you get a girl pregnant before ejaculating in her?

Yes, by precum or if sperm was previously there.