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First of all, the metal does not dissapear. When a a metal reacts with an acid it forms a corresponding salt, which usually then dissolves. Second, whther or not a reaction occurs depends on both the acid and the metal. Most metals will not react with a dilute weak acid.

Some metals will not even react with most strong metals. Gold, platinum, and some platinum group metals will not react with acid except for aqua regia, a special mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acid. Ruthenium will not react with acid at all.

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Do all metals react with hydrocholric acid?

no all metals do not react with hydrochloric acids

Do all metals react with hydrochloric acid to give hydrogen gas?

No, inert metals as Gold, Platinum and Palladium do not react with hydrochloric acid.

Will all metals react with an acid?

No, there are many metals which do not react with acid. Metals from copper downwards in the reactivity series do not react with acids (though you can get a different sort of reaction with concentrated oxidising acids). In addition, reactions which produce an insoluble salt, such as lead and dilute sulfuric acid, react only sluggishly. Some metals have a coherent oxide coating which prevents reaction with dilute acids, e.g. aluminium, and others quickly develop such a coating in concentrated nitric acid.

What metals react violently with acid?

All alkali metals (group 1) and most earth-alkali metals (group 2)

Do all metals react with acid?

All metals do not react with acids to produce hydrogen gas.Only those metals which lie above hydrogen react with acids to produce hydrogen gas.Whereas copper, silver, gold, and platinum do not react with acids to produce hydrogen.

Do all metals react with acid to produce hydrogen gas?

No. Copper will not react with most acids. It will react with nitric acid to produce nitrogen dioxide. Gold and platinum will not react with nitric acid but will react with aqua regia, a mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acids to produce nitrogen dioxide and some nitric oxide. Rhenium does not react with acid at all.

What metal will react readily with hydrochloric acid?

Many. All the alkali metals will react explosively with it. All the alkaline earths will also react extremely vigorously. Group 3 metals from Al and below will and many transition metals do also. Copper, silver and Gold do not.

When acids react with metals?

Home/Sitemap · you are here: Forum => letter 18515 Acid and metal reaction++Q. When an acid is added to a metal, what kind of reaction is produced?A. Some acids react with some metals and not all acids react with all metals. It all depends on what is reacting with what. However, assuming there is a reaction, the acid will dissolve the metal to produce the metal salt of that acid; at the same time it will produce hydrogen gas. ie 2H+ + M = 2M+ + H2

What gas is given off when acid is added to a metal?

Hydrogen gas. (But this is not with all metals as some like gold do not react with acid)

Which metals do not react with acid to produce hydrogen?

all those metals which are present below Hydrogen in the reactivity series like Ag , Cu , Au , Pt ,etc. ^^ He is incorrect. All metals, one or another, will react with some acids to produce Hydrogen Gas. -He mentioned Copper and Silver. Silver and Copper will react with Nitric Acid giving off Hydrogen and NitroDioxide Gas. He mentioned Gold and Platinum. Gold and Platinum will react with Aqua Regia (A mixture of Hydrogen Chloride and Nitric Acid) giving off Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Hydrogen gas. All metals will react with FluoroAntimonic Acid, Xenic Acid, or any other super acid to give off hydrogen gas and other gases as well.

Do all metals react in the same way with acid?

No the dont some metals are resistant to acids while others are not. Also,some metals react easier than others. For example, magnesium reacts easier and better than zinc, iron or copper in hydrochloric acid solution.

Do acids react with all metals to form hydrogen gas?

No. Some of the less reactive metals, such as platinum, gold, silver, copper, and rhenium will not undergo this reaction. Copper and silver will react with nitric acid to produce nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a toxic brown gas. Gold and platinum will react with aqua regia, a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, in a similar manner. Rhenium will not react with any acid.

What metals react with acids true or false?

There is a fault with the question. Acids react with metal -TRUE What metals react - all will with the right acid - some need extremely strong acids -gold for example needs aqua regia

What metals react with cold hydrochloric acid?

zinc is famous for reacting with hydrochloric acid but so will magnesium, aluminum, iron and all the alkali, alkaline earths and also group III metals.

What reacts with sulphuric acid?

Sulphuric acid is an acid, so many substances react with it. It will be impractical to list down all the things that would react with sulphuric acid as there are enormously too many! Examples are metals, metal oxides and metal carbonates.

What gas is given off when metals react with hydrochloric acid?

A gas called hydrogen is given off when most metals react with aqueous hydrochloric acid. The ease with which this happens varies: All alkali metals reacts extemely quickly and, with the possible exception of lithium, dangerously. The alkaline earth metals, except beryllium and magnesium, are similar. Most other metals dissolve more slowly and may require heating to evolve the hydrogen gas, and some metals such as copper, gold, and platinum do not react at all.

What elements react with alkali metals?

For example all halogens react with alkali metals.

Do all metals react the same way?

Metals all tend to lose electrons when they react, but aside from that there is a wide variety in the reacts metals undergo.

Why do acid reacts with metals under variying conditions?

Because the electronegativity of metals is very different; the ability of metals to react with acids is also variable. But all metals can react with acids or mixture of acids at room temperature or at high temperature or pressures. An indestructible material don't exist.

Which metals react slowly with cold water but vigorously with steam?

All metals, if they do react with water at all, react faster in steam than in water. However, the metals that react SLOWLY with cold water are the metals from Group-IIA(Magnesium, Calcium, etc).

How does pyrite react with acid?

pyrite does not react to acid at all, it doesnt do anything 

Which metal does not react with water at room temperature?

Only Alkali metals react with water at room temperature all other metals do not react.

How does Mercury interact with other elements?

Mercury will react with all metals except iron. Mercury will react with all metals except iron.

What do all carbonates react with?

Carbonates react with hydrochloric acid.

What can uranium react with?

Uranium can react with the majority of non-metals (excepting noble gases); uraniun can form alloys with all metals.

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