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If both were orthodontists, then it's your decision. If neither of them were, get an opinion from an orthodontist. Both are right, it just depends on their technique and opinion. Either way you will get the end result desired. In my opinion, getting them on now will save time in the braces for the child. But that is just an opinion. It is really up to you. Go with whatever and whichever dentist makes you and your child more comfortable, either way the teeth will end up straight.

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Q: Do all of the permanent teeth have to be in before getting braces?
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Is it a problem to get braces if you have crowned teeth?

No, I have procelin crowns and I am getting braces. They just had to fix my teeth first before they put on the braces. Good luck:)

Do you have to remove wisdom teeth to get braces?

no, your wisdom teeth wont stop you from getting your braces, the only teeth removed before getting braces are baby teeth. although getting wisdom teeth removed when theyre coming in is necessary, and if not then straightened teeth can be moved and pushed by incoming teeth, and crowding the mouth.

Removing teeth before or after putting braces?

You get your teeth removed before braces are put on.

How do dentists pull out permanent teeth for braces?

nope just baby teeth so the permanent teeth with will grow in place of the baby teeth have time to grow before the brace is put into place luv ya xx

When you're getting braces do you have any permanent teeth removed?

Sometimes. My mouth was too small and I had 4 extra teeth the oral surgeon pulled out.

Do teeth need to be cleaned before attaching braces?

I have never heard of anyone haveing to get there teeth cleaned before getting braces put on. I think that it's more of a personal choice.

Will a 13-year-old girl need braces in order for her permanent teeth to come in?

You can't get braces on baby teeth. The girl would have to have her permanent teeth first (and should, by the age of 13). Needing braces is a matter of genetics and heredity. Some people have perfectly straight teeth naturally. Others (like me!) have needed braces. ~ T

Do you need all baby teeth out whilst having braces?

They will be out by then, there is no point moving no permanent teeth

Do you have to get teeth pulled before braces?


What are the ill effects of extracting teeth as an necessary step to wear braces?

So many dentists remove lots of teeth to make the mouth conform to the desired shape. If your dentist/orthodontist recommends this, get a second opinion. There is no reason not to wait until the permanent teeth come in before getting braces. Or, consider an appliance for early intervention.

How long do you have to wear braces from your teeth getting crooked from wisdom teeth?

Dentists will usually tell you you'll need to get your wisdom teeth out before that happens.

How many visits before getting braces if you already had the mold stuff put on your teeth?

and what if you still have your canine baby teeth still in

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