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No, they do not all dissolve. Some compunds will dissolve, but many will not. Most pure metals, for example, will not dissolve in water, while their oxides may or may not.

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Do all solid particles in your observation dissolve in water?

Particles dissolve until solution get saturated.After, excess particles begin to precipitate.

Do all solid particles dissolve in water explain your answer?

Water acts as a solvent. Solvents are "dissolvers". Water acts as a solvent. Solvents are "dissolvers".

Will all solids dissolve in H2O?

No, not all solids can dissolve in water. For example, sand cannot dissolve in water because the particles of sand are larger than the particles of water. No matter how much you stir sand and water, the sand will not dissolve (instead, this would create a suspension).

Will all solids desolve on water?

No, lead is a solid that won't dissolve in water, though solid ice will.

What happen when the solid dissolve in water?

when a solid dissolves in water (or any liquid) the particlesbreak up. in a solid, all particles are fixed together and cannot move. a liquid will break up the particles, making them too small to see. for example, if you were to stir sugar in water, the sugar will break up, and 'disappear', but it will still taste of sugar as it is still present.

What 3 things affect how quickly solids dissolve in water?

1) The "solubility" of the solid in question (not all WILL dissolve) - or the nature of the solid itself. 2)Presence (or lack of) mechanical agitation to assist the solid dissolve. 3)Temperature of the water (The warmer it is, usually the quicker the solid dissolves)

Do all SOLID partcles dissolved in WATER. why?

No. Only solid stuff with special chemicals in them dissolve, like sugar and salt. Notice that things only dissolve in warm water, and never ice water. Example: If you put sand in water, it doesn't dissolve.

Does the size of a piece of jelly affect the time it takes to dissolve?

The size of the jelly cube does affect the time it takes to boil as the particles are all different because jelly at that point is a solid so the particles are close and in order the more you have of it the more the heat has to dissolve, forming water particle's.

Why does sugar water evaporate faster than salt water?

Because sugar particles are tiny and dissolve! To where if you think of salt water, the particles are bigger and doesn't dissolve better. That's why oceans are salt water and if you get some in your mouth, its all salty because salt doesn't neccessarly dissolve!

Are the particles in ice close together or far apart?

Ice is solid and all particles in a solid are close together. Therefore, particles (molecules of water) in ice are close together.

Why might sugar dissolve faster or slower in tap water than water with sugar already dissolved in it?

There is a point where the water/sugar solution will become saturated and no more sugar will be able to dissolve into it. It would dissolve faster in heat and also where there is a higher water:sugar ratio. When there is a lot more water particles than sugar particles, the sugar is broken down faster. Is there is sugar already in it then the the solution will have both sugar and water particles rather than all water particles like there is in tap water.

Does fructose dissolve in water?

Fructose is a white solid sugar that dissolves in water. In fact, it is the most water-soluble of all the sugars.[

Why do things dissolve?

Things dissolve because all the particles move around so that u cant see then and they dissolove quicker in hot water! :D

Why do thing dissolve?

Things dissolve because all the particles move around so that u cant see then and they dissolove quicker in hot water! :D

Does all oxides dissolve in water?

Yes. All oxides dissolve in water..

What do particles look like in a solid?

The particles in a solid are all neatly clumped together and tight!

How spaced are the particles in a solid?

Particles in a solid are tightly-packed, so there is no movement at all, therefore no space.

Do particles in solid ice move slower than the particles in liquid water?

Yes. The colder the substance become, the slower the particles move. Actually in pure ice the particles do not move at all.

Can gases cannot dissolve in water?

All gases can dissolve in water. it's a wrong concept that gases don't dissolve in water. And all gases can dissolve in other liquids as well.

The particles that make up a solid move than do a particles that make up a gas?

All particles move solid particles vibrate gas moves fast.

Do all acids dissolve in water?

no, only some acids dissolve in water.

Name a molecule that does not dissolve well in water?

oil does not dissolve at all in water.

Will NaCrO4 dissolve in water?

Na2CrO4 will dissolve in water as will all sodium compounds.

Is all carbonate dissolve in water?

No. In fact most carbonates do not dissolve in water.

Do metalic bonds dissolve in water?

some metals dissolve in water (but not all)

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