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Do all women have to pee a lot during pregnancy?


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Yes, during pregnancy the uterus pushes against the bladder. thus the bladder can't hold as much urine and has to be relieve a lot more often.

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Not all women do, but a lot do. Pregnancy is different for every woman, and so the symptoms that they experience are also different.

Yes. This from an article at "Many women experience heartburn for the first time during pregnancy

She might have a change of attitude or personality during pregnancy. Hormones can make this happen. A lot of pregnant women experience this symptom.

Yes it is possible. Some women have a lot of yeast infections during pregnancy while others can have a lot of UTIs. Usually thought UTIs are present during the third trimester, not the first. Do a pregnancy test and treat the UTI.

Pregnancy is an extremely higher risk for every insurance. This is so, because there maybe a lot of complications during the pregnancy. So it is harder or just impossible for pregnant women to get an insurance.

That's ridiculous! Maybe they think women shouldn't talk a LOT and waste extra energy.

Increased sneezing during pregnancy is very common. Mucus increases during pregnancy, not just in your cervix!

Yes, there is a increase in discharge during pregnancy.

Yes, for a lot of people it does, but for a lot of other people it doesn't

Not a lot of women are pregnant and experience no pregnancy symptoms. But I would say about 2 months into the pregnancy and beyond they should experience pregnancy symptoms and a LOT of women experience symptoms a few days after conception.

cramps in early stages or any time during pregnancy can mean the body is trying to spontaneously abort the fetus. Nature's way of fixing things that are not supposed to happen. *Cramps during early pregnancy are something that happens to many women. Your body is changing and getting ready for your baby to grow. Many women will experience mild cramps during the first few weeks of pregnancy. In fact, a lot of women think that they are getting ready to start their periods because they feel cramping.

No not really. Most women get that some time before they get their period. It's the body's way to prepare for a pregnancy. During the pregnancy the fetus need maybe a sandwich and a glass of juice, it does not make you eat that much more and not early in the pregnancy.

Yes, this is normal. A lot of women have a full period for their entire pregnancy.

They are quite scared at first, and all but Rosalie (who helps Bella A LOT during the pregnancy) want her to have an abortion but she refuses. Then they help and support her during the rest of the pregnancy and delivery.

A pill to stop your pregnancy means you had an abortion.It is very normal to bleed a lot during an abortion, this is the pregnancy expelling itself.

Get hit in the stomach yell lot

Pregnant women who take a lot of care during their pregnancy are very nice. I adore them for all the trouble and pain they undergo during that period, though its a lots of excitement and a happy feeling to have a baby. Pregnant women should be given more care, warmth and attention to make them more cushy and relaxed.

eating too much salt and retaining a lot of water.

No. You need not have headaches during pregnancy. You please consult the gynaecologist. She will give some drug/drugs for your headache.

Pregnancy affects different women in different ways. Some women will experience hair loss, while others find their hair grows in healthier, stronger, and faster. You can increase your chances of having healthy hair during pregnancy by ensuring you are getting all the necessary vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are a must, and many women take them even when they aren't pregnant, in an effort to improve their hair.

Yes, during the entire pregnancy because of the pressure of the uterus upon the bladder.

consider liver has a lot of iron

It is recommended not to smoke or drink at all during pregnancy. For it can be harmful to the baby and yes possibly end in a miscarriage.

Yes. A lot of women who may not be suspecting they are pregnant can assume that their symptoms are something else. There are also a lot of women who don't experience any symptoms other than a missed period. Not having a period for a few moths may seem odd to women who have regular periods but not to women whose periods are irregular. yes! during the early stages, if the pregnancy shows no signs nor symptoms.but during the mature stages of the pregnancy, it's hard to perceive one not knowing it, especially when there's movements of the baby.however, some women have reported not knowing until labor. "what a miracle"!

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