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No more often than any other GM vehicle.

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2011-06-08 14:24:25
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Q: Do alternators go out in Buick's a lot?
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How are alternators classified?

alternators are classified as stators and rotors

Where can one purchase used Buicks?

Used Buicks can be purchased from approved resellers, or for a better deal, directly from owners through classified advertisements and websites such as Craigslist.

How many buicks are made each year?


Who makes Buicks?

Originally Buicks were made by the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company (1899), then the Buick Motor Companany (1903).Today they are made by General Motors.

Where do they sell Transformers Alternators in stores?

Firstly, no you must not pick the particular Alternators

What does the 2005 buick offer over other 2005 models?

Their are several models of buicks in 2005. Alll offer superior handling and comfort. Buicks also come standard with OnStar saftey system incase of emrgency. Some 2005 Buicks even come standard with alloy wheels.

Are there any listings for used Buicks of any model on

Yes, there are. Ebay has a section of their site called Ebay Motors. This is where you should check for used Buicks. The site is

Do 2000 buicks have a restart button to start the car?

Ignition switch?

Why ac is not uses in rotor of alternators?

This question is not clear since alternators produce alternating current.

What if your 1998 peterbilt is burning up alternators?

Make sure the alternators are properly installed and aligned.

What does a 73 super beetle have an alternator or generator?

I believe the early '73s had Generators and the late '73s had Alternators. It depends on what the previous owners put on? (It may have been the '74s tho.) A lot of people put alternators on for a few more amps. The generators are barrel looking, kinda like a coffee can and the Alternators have a lip or flange all the way around on the rear near the pulley.

Why do cars keep blowing alternators after alternators?

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