Do anthropods regenerate?

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What percentof all animals animals are classified as anthropods?

70% of animals are anthropods

What are the anthropods?

Anthropods are animals with segmented appendages. They are invertabrates because they don't have back bones.

Are anthropods bilateral?


How do anthropods eat?

with their mouth i think

What kind of animals are anthropods?


Are anthropods ectothermic or endothermic?


Can snakes regenerate?

do snakes regenerate

Do frogs regenerate?

frogs do regenerate

What is the scientific name for bugs?

Insects or anthropods.

All anthropods belong to the class insecta?


What is the spider's phylum?

It belongs to the phylum of Anthropods

What describes the legs of all anthropods?

they are jointed

Are prawns an amphibian?

Prawns are not amphibians. They are anthropods.

Is a ant a arthropod or mollusc?

ants are anthropods

How do you spell regenerate?

Regenerate is the correct spelling.

Do lizards regenerate themseves?

the answer is no but they can regenerate their tails

Can sponges regenerate?

yes they can regenerate. Marine sponges are multicellular animals that can regenerate from single cells.

Why do animals regenerate?

Animals Regenerate because it is an ORGANISM and all organisms regenerate if they didnt they would get wiped out

Are spiders anthropods?

Spiders are members of the phylum Arthropoda.

How anthropods reproduce?

it reproduce Christine raposas

What do you call a group of shrimp?

a "cunny" or a "thatch."

What major group of anthropods do crabs represent?


Can lizards regenerate limbs?

no, they can regenerate their tails though

Does an anthropods have wings?

Anthropods (humans) do not have wings; not to be confused with phylum Arthropoda (arthropods). Many arthropods have wings (insects are arthropods, including flying insects), but, of course, not all of them.

What human cells regenerate themselves by the process of?

Body cells regenerate by mitosis; Sex cells regenerate by meiosis.

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