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Do any celebrities have HIV?

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yes cebrities are people they can get diseases. majic Johnson has aids and one of the band members of queen had aids. but unlike most of us when a celebrity gets aid they have the money to not treat it but keep from hurting or getting sick.

Celebrities are humans and are susceptible to beoming infected with HIV if they do not take the necessary precautions. Celebrities are not immune to becoming sick from HIV or developing AIDS just because they have money. People with HIV or AIDS only have a handful of medications with which they can be treated and it does not matter if the person has money or not. Money does not determine what drugs a person is treated with. There is assistance available to those without money which allows equal access to medical assistance.
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Are there any HIV celebrities?

Magic Johnson - of course there are more but many of the celebrities that have come out having the disease are from 20 or more years ago and/or have died from the disease. If you google celebrities with HIV there are a variety of sites available.

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what celebritys have aids or hiv?im doing research on them and i need to find someone other then will smith and magic Johnson

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You can't join any service if you have HIV.

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Yes. You can have any job you want if you are HIV+

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No You can only get HIV from contacting some one with HIV. If the vagina belongs to someone with HIV then it is possible. however iv that person with the vagina is not HIV positive then you wont get HIV. HIV is the result of a virus not of any sexual behaviour.

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Are there any signs immediately after infection that a person is HIV positive?

No, there are not any signs immediately after infection that a person is HIV positive.

Can you get HIV from being sexually abstinent?

No. If you do not have any sexual contact with another person, you cannot catch any sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. You cannot catch HIV from mastebation.

Can wheat grass cure HIV positive patients?

No. HIV is a virus, we currently do not have the ablility to cure ANY viruses, not just HIV.

How do you get for Hiv?

HIV is found in specific human body fluids. If any of those fluids enter your body, you can become infected with HIV.