Do any foods affect your facial complexion?

Yes. All sweets can. This is usually the little culprit. If you have a good diet going, exercise and drink those 8 glasses of water per day it will certainly maintain a better complexion, but again, it depends on your gene pool.

Certain blood conditions can cause Acne, scarring, and general bumps on the face (hormones can produce little bumps on the face too.)

I don't know if any ingestion of food could cause complexion problems but I am sure a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables and plenty of water will keep it clear and NEVER touch your skin after eating anything will most definitely break out.

It has been scientifically proven that no type of food can cause breakouts. But a diet rich in fruit and veg can help lessen the breakouts.

No food really affects facial complexion. But too much of everything does. Good food and right diet should be maintain. The key? Everything should be in moderation.