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Do any of the gosselin children have facebook?


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No. Kate Gosselin tweeted April 7, 2011:

"NONE of us has facebook.. And I know there's lots of fakers. Sad but true.."

The minimum age for a Facebook account is 13, and all social networking accounts claiming to be the Gosselin children are fakes.

When they open their own accounts, they will give the information to their friends. Until then, it is their personal private information.

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Check out the TLC/Discovery website for information about the Gosselins. The family website is no longer active, and the profiles on Facebook are not really any of the Gosselin children. Kate Gosselin confirmed on Twitter that her kids are not allowed on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site.

If any of the Gosselin children have a myspace page, it is not public. All other pages claiming to be the Gosselins have been exposed as fraudulent.

There are several Facebook pages that claim to be Kate Gosselin, but none have been validated. It is unlikely they are Kate Gosselin.

The Gosselin children live in Central Pennsylvania.

Yes, the Gosselin children have cousins.

Jon Gosselin appears to use Facebook, but most accounts have proved to be fraudulent. If he does have an account, it is private.

No. Hannah Gosselin does not have a public facebook account. Wikianswers does not give out private contact information for celebriities and non celebrities alike. All Gosselin accounts on facebook, Twitter, stardoll, Webkinz have been proven fraudulent.

All Facebook accounts claiming to be either Cara or Madelyn Gosselin have been proven to be, they do not have one

Kate and the Gosselin children live in central Pennsylvania.

Kate Gosselin does not have a public facebook page. All facebook, twitter, and other social networking accounts claiming to be Kate Gosselin have been proven to be false.

In my opinion, they might. Kate Gosselin has often mentioned that some of her children would be interested in working in front of the camera, so you never know!

There is no information on if the Gosselin children are auditioning for any other media appearances. It is unlikely they will be, their father stopped the filming of the family reality TV show because he felt it was harmful to his children.

Jon and Kate's children are (in birth order) the twins: Cara Nicole Gosselin Madelyn "Mady" Kate Gosselin the sextuplets: Alexis Faith Gosselin Hannah Joy Gosselin Aaden Jonathan Gosselin Collin Thomas Gosselin Leah Hope Gosselin Joel Kevin Gosselin

The Gosselin troublemakers are Mady and Alexis " The free spririted children ".

No. Jon Gosselin lives in Pennsylvania near his children.

Yes, the Gosselin children have lots of cousins. On their mother's side (Kate), they have at least 8 cousins.

Both the Gosselin twins and sextuplets were born via cesarean.

yes all of the gosselin kids are healthy and well

Kate Gosselin and her children live in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.

Yes, Kate Gosselin had all eight of her children. First twins and second sextuplets. Amazing, right?

There is no information about the particular discipline methods Jon Gosselin uses with his children. It is unlikely that he uses any form of corporal punishment (including spanking)

No all of them are perfectly healthy. Which is really surprising for a family with that many kids.

For the safety of the Gosselin children, will not publish their school information.

No. She does not. None of the Gosselin children have fan sites, but they used to have special pages on the Gosselin family website and TLC.

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