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Since Guy Fawkes Night is a celebration of the failed attempt of the Guy to blow up the British Houses of Parliament, why would anyone else want to celebrate?

Back then, the UK had control over some of the British colonies, so it was also celebrated by New Zealand, Canada and British Caribbean.

I believe Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated to some extent in any country that has large numbers of English immigrants. Except ...

Although the earliest European colonies on the East coast of what is now the USA were English, and belonged to the English Crown in 1605, Guy Fawkes Night (or Fireworks Night or Bonfire Night) has never been celebrated there. Miserable lot! They have always gone for Halloween, which of course is now killing off Bonfire Night in England - parents are much happier to send their children out into the dark night to knock on strangers' doors for trick or treat, than to take them to a firework display in the local park...and guy fakes is also celebrated in many other ways to did you know that

EDIT: New Zealand still celebrates Guy Fawkes night thank-you-very-much

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Q: Do any other countries apart from UK celebrate Guy Fawkes Night?
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