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Q: Do anyone wants to trade me a deoxys or acreus for my latios my friend code is 481423125610 and when do you want trade?
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Can anyone trade a deoxys with me whats your friend code and what do you want my friend code is 3566 1470 0299.?


Does anyone have a Deoxys that umbr3on can have?

i do my friend code is 1420 1281 4676 awesome! what time do you want to meet at the wi-fi club?

Friend code is 1290 4682 4794 name joey Can anyone trade a Deoxys with me?

my name is bill friend code 2235 4504 4854 and i need a good infernape with rash nature

How do you befriend Deoxys on PokePark Wii?

if you want deoxys as a friend you have to get every bonus in rayquazas balloon panic

Will anyone give or trade you luigia celebii mew darkari or deoxys?

I dont know depends on the level Yes I WILL do it just gimme ur friend number

Get deaxys Pokemon pearl?

there was a Deoxys event that ended in 2007 the only way now to get deoxys is to trade with a good friend DEOXYS can't breed eggs :(

Will anyone trade a Deoxys for a lv 100 salamence My friend code is 2234-6296-5274?

It is possible, if you put your Pokemon up on the Global Trade System, that you could get that trade. Deoxys is rare, but a level 100 Salamence is a pretty good trade. Here is a link to a place where you can see what trades are happening and what Pokemon are most popular in trades: Yeah, but the problem is, i haven't seen deoxys, so the only way i could get it is by getting the friend code of someone who has a deoxys.

Can anyone trade me a manaphy mew celebi ho-oh or deoxys i ll trade it for a mewtwo or rayquaza both lv.100 my friend code is 4811 9049 0370. tell me your friend code and when to trade?

I'll trade you my HO-OH for your Rayqauza this week end fri sat sun i have six form of deoxys

Can anyone trade a Deoxys with me whats your friend code and what do you want my friend code is 3566 1470 0299?

yea, i can once i can migrate Pokemon and that'll b this weekendif you want it, wait a little bitFriend Code: 2320 7709 3876Name: ZachP.S.I have the speed versionI'll trade one of my deoxys with you but I need to know if you want speed form, defence Form, attack Form, or normal form deoxys.(my name's Josh and my friend code is: 1933 8043 3091.)hi i don't have a dexoys im trying to look for one do you know if the guy josh or Zach has more of the deoxys in attack form?..

Can anyone tade me a deoxys we can discuss an agreement of what you want in exchange my friend code is 1032 1595 6649 just email me when you want to trade at thank you?

I will.E-mailing you now.

Does anyone want to trade me a deoxys or shaymin on Pokemon white or black My friend code is 0519 0748 1311 and i will trade you one of the these Pokemon regigigas zorua Reshiram or victini?


Catch Deoxys in Pokemon Diamond?

Deoxys cannot be caught in the wild. You will need to migrate it from the Generation III games to the Pal Park or trade for it with a friend.