Do armadillos carry leprosy

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Yes. They are the only mammals besides Man known to be able to carry the leprosy virus. Recent research indicates that armadillos and human victims of leprosy are the only ones to naturally share a particular bacterium that can cause leprosy. Interestingly, not all species of armadillos seem to carry the virus. People in Texas and other southern U.S. States have been infected with the disease as a result of handling of nine-banded armadillos. This has not occurred whe people have handled the five-banded armadillo.

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Q: Do armadillos carry leprosy
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Do armadillos carry std?

No, but armadillos are one of the few animals that can carry leprosy.

What eats woodworms?

i know armadillos love worms and can carry leprosy

Can armadillos give you leprosy?

yes armadillos can indeed give you leprosy

What disease does an armadillo carry?

Armadillos are one of very few species that can carry leprosy - Hansen's disease.

What animal can transmit leprosy to humans?

The latest research out indicates that armadillos can carry the causative agent of leprosy and transmit it to humans.

Do armadillos carry disease?

Yes, armadillos can carry Hansen's Disease, otherwise known as leprosy, and can transmit it to humans. The armadillo is also a natural reservoir for Chagas disease.

What mammals can have leprosy?

Humans and armadillos are they only mammals known to be affected by leprosy.

Do armadillos have parasites?

Armadillos can have parasites like any other living creature, and they are also carriers of Leprosy.

Are armadillos edible?

in many contries that armadillos exist in, there are many dishes that can be served that contain armadillo(mostly their meat)Yes they are but eating them has become less popular because they can carry a bacterium that causes leprosy.

Does cockroaches give leprosy?

cockroaches don't carry diseases. armadiloes carry leprosy if eaten uncooked.

Are there any petting zoos with armadillos in California?

As far as I know, there are no petting zoos in CA with Armadillos because they're not the cuddliest towards humans and they may spread leprosy.

Do you get leprosy from armadillos?

yes..other terrible diseases too.. Saw it on "Billy the exterminator" Love that show...

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