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how are asteroids like planets

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They are basically like planets but are unfinished or was a planet that exploded

In what ways are coomets and aserodis both like the planets

== == An ellipse. Like planets.

Yes asteroids orbit the sun counter-clockwise, just like all the planets

No Asteroids are too small to be considered planets.

Well, they look like a big belt of asteroids circling around planets or galaxy.

Because asteroids are minor planets planets are apart and help our solar system\

planets are apart and help are solar system and asteroids hit are planets

They are sometimes called "major planets" to distinguish them from the "minor planets" (the asteroids) and "dwarf planets" like Pluto.

yes it almost looks like Pluto

are asteroids smaller or larger than planets

well they do land in the planets but they dont HIT like PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH THERE NO they LAND ON THE PLANETS:)

Planets are larger and more massive than asteroids, but very nearly the same size and mass as planets.

Meteorites help us understand the composition of asteroids because meteorites are small asteroids.

Asteroids move anywhere. Planets move in a pattern/orbit.

They are sometimes called minor planets (not mirror planets).They aren't planets really, but they are a bit like little planets orbiting the Sun.

Pluto is different from the inner planets in that it has not cleared it's orbit from asteroids.

No they are just dwarf planets

Asteroids revolve about the sun in elliptical orbits, just like the planets do, and for the same reasons (gravity and momentum).

its the comets are smaller than planets, moons, and asteroids. In order of size, usually comets < asteroids < moons < planets

Asteroids can fall on any planet (or moon).

asteroids are space rocks while planets are plantes while comets are comets

The planets moon or moons and asteroids