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Cardinals eat some insects and fruit, but their diet mostly consists of grains, nut and seeds.

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Q: Do baby cardinals eat crickets
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Can baby rat snakes eat crickets?

No - they feed on rodents - NOT crickets !

Can baby praying mantises eat baby crickets?

Yes, they can .

What do newborn snakes eat?

pinky mice or baby crickets

Do baby cardinals eat worms?


What those Medierranean geckos eat?

wild and captives eat crickets, and baby captives eat pinheads.

What do you feed baby garner snake?

Baby garter snakes will not eat crickets, but i now that they will eat small or cut up worms.

What does babies eat?

Baby frogs usually eat small crickets or small ants. Tadpoles eat algae.

What do baby Frog eat?

Baby frogs mostly eat tiny crickets, ants, fish food, maggots, or any kind of tiny insect.

What kind of meat do baby bearded dragons eat?

Small mealworms and small crickets.

What does rose hair tarantula eat?

crickets and pinkies (small pink baby mice)

What do baby sun birds eat?

Try mealworms or crickets. Anything insect-based.

What do baby Texas spiny lizards eat?

They eat small crickets and small mealworms