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Do bigger seeds grow faster than smaller seeds?


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Yes, larger seeds do grow larger and faster compared to smaller seeds.

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There isn't a way to make the seeds grow quickly, seeds will take a few hours to grow. Seeds will grow faster when your monster is happy and healthy.

Not necessarily - for example an avocado seed is much bigger than an acorn seed but the avocado tree is a whole lot smaller than an Oak tree. Great oaks from little acorns grow.

You can't make your breasts grow bigger and faster. Your breasts grow as they are meant to and there is nothing you can do to speed-up that process or make them grow bigger.

They will germinate faster in water, but will grow faster in soil.

no beans seeds don't grow faster than other seeds because it takes time so the beans can grow.

When they are seedlings, a small pot is fine. But when they get bigger, they will need more room to grow.

their is no way to get your seeds grow faster but it takes 4-6 hours to grow depending on your happiness and health

the more happy your monster is the more faster your seeds grow!

Cooking seeds will make sure the seeds do not grow. The only seeds that need heat to germinate are some evergreen tree seeds.

It is a proven fact that plant seeds produce faster than plant spores.2. Spores are smaller than seeds so therefore they take a longer time to grow and develop -ANNONOMOUS

It will surely grow faster if left submerged on water. ~Isser


The happier your monster is, the faster the seeds grow. So if you want to make the seeds grow faster, make your monster happier

seeds should first form roots then they grow stems and then the grow leaves and after that they sprout shoots then they grow bigger then they become a plant.

No, but it can seem bigger or smaller. Often the breast size of one is larger than the other. It is a small difference, but it is there.

yes because the seeds absorb more water therefore allowing it to grow faster yea cause bryadens gay

Nothing can GROW smaller, but it can GROW bigger. Sorry.

Crowded seeds grow faster because they have more competition for water and nutrients so they have to hurry to grow into a plant. Uncrowded seeds grow slower becasue they have no competition so they can take as long as they want, the water will still be there.

No, it depends on how you water them and how much sunlight they receive

Well plants with out seeds are actually man made so they dont make seeds because of that but if they are organic for some plants it might grow faster it just depends on the plant really

plants grow bigger and faster on wood land floor because the space underneath the ground has lots ans lots and lots nad lost and lots and lots of room with the plant has more space for more roots which makes the plant grow bigger and faster

You can not, they take between 5 and 7 hours to grow.

No, generally, if you boil seeds you kill them and they will not grow at all.

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