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No, Birth Control pills DO NOT protect against HIV

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Q: Do birth control pills protect against HIV?
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Do all birth control pills protect you against chlamydia?

Absolutley not! The two things that do are: no sex or condoms. Birth control pills control the births of babies, nothing more.

Are you allergic to birth control pills?

I am not allergic to birth control pills.

Do you need to use a condom if on birth control?

Absolutely YES! Birth control pills only protect you from getting pregnant. Condoms, while not foolproof, will protect you from STDs.

What are the signs if wife is taking birth control pills?

Packet of birth control pills on the kitchen counter, receipts from the pharmacy for birth control pills, or your wife asking, "Have you seen my birth control pills?"

Are synthetic birth control pills a narcotic?

No, birth control pills are not narcotics.

Are there generics for birth control pills?

many birth control pills have generic equivalents.

Is the days in birth control pills interchangeable?

The days in birth control pills are not interchangeable.

Can i post birth control pills by USPS?

It is legal to mail birth control pills.

Should you still have your guypull out even if you are on birth control?

It's completely upto you but you must know that birth control will not protect you against pregnancy until you've been taking it for one month and also have not missed any pills.

Are birth control pills a legend drug?

Yes, birth control pills require a prescription in the US.

Do you stop your birth control pills if your pregnant?

Yes, if you're pregnant, there is no need for birth control pills.

Can you ovulate if you miss birth control pills?

Yes, you can ovulate and get pregnant if you miss birth control pills

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